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    MEGA New Madrid Earthquake is Coming Soon

    Happening right now. October 20-2012 Radioactive debris in giant sinkhole out-of-control. Due to a news blackout during 2011 most people haven't read or heard about this.

    10/18/2012 History of Assumption Sinkhole Media Blackout Since 2011

    October 18, 2012 by sincedutch
    thanks to abel danger for putting this together:
    . . . Over the years they have been filling a nearby salt dome in Assumption, Parish, Louisiana with radioactive waste and 1.5 million barrels of liquid Butane. If this sinkhole continues to devour land and trees in this area, it may eventually breach this storage area releasing not only toxic radiation into the environment, but also butane which will then become exposed to the air above. All it would take then would be the spark from a car ignition or some other source of fire to set in motion an explosion which some suggest could be equivalent to about 100 nuclear bombs similar to those used on Nagasaki or Hiroshima, in Japan. As bad as all of that would be, there is something even worse that could come from this.
    Published on Aug 18, 2012 by gmoore49 ( Thank you for getting this info out there

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    More of that story:

    Published on Aug 18, 2012 by gmoore49 ( Thank you for getting this info out there)
    The MEGA New Madrid Earthquake is Coming Soon

    An explosion on that magnitude would create a giant crater deep in the earth exposing this salt dome to the elements. Since this salt dome is also connected to the much larger Luann salt basin, that means water from the bayou will trickle down and quickly become a torrent of water to dissolve the salt in areas covering 5 states, up to a mile thick. As the salt dome looses integrity, all of those deep oil wells will become funnels to either blow out or pull more water into the cavity. When that finally collapses, ALL of Louisiana will sink into the Gulf of Mexico. Parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida will also be underwater. The salt dome under the Texas gulf will also collapse, sending a huge tsunami tidal wave as far inland as the Balcones Escarpment. Cities like Houston and New Orleans will sink into the ocean, never to be seen again. Cities like Fort Worth, Dallas, Waco, Austin, and San Antonio will also be flooded, but might be restored as the tidal wave recedes.

    The New Madrid fault and Mississippi river basin is being targeted with HAARP, frac tech drilling operations, and possibly other means (such as nuclear explosions). They are planning to create an earthquake in that region to split this nation with an inland sea from Chicago to New Orleans. It will not be an “act of God.” I believe that this could happen very soon.

    More information on my website located at:
    It's About Time to Expose the Hidden Occult Plans of the New World Order
    Playing with the Devil's HAARP

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    Just adding the source of your source's information:

    14 | October | 2012 | TTBTS DISCLOSE

    Quite an interesting read.
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