A New Theory for KCM, asteroid strike to the earth
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Thread: A New Theory for KCM, asteroid strike to the earth

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    A New Theory for KCM, asteroid strike to the earth

    KCM said he'd read theories. This is one of those theories which I now believe, but am not going to try to convince anyone of it. I believe it and that is all that is important to me. If you don't believe that is fine with me.

    In the late 90's, before I retired, an old pal and I worked within talking distance. He liked to make theories, then discuss them, to either accept or reject. We came up with a theory that the earth was "splatted" (as we called it) by an asteroid thousands of years ago, which spun the outer layer around the core. The north pole region moved to another place, and the snow and ice melted which produced the Flood until all the water froze again in the new dark zone.

    He would toss out a theory or idea, and I would try to tear it down. Then, I'd toss out a new idea and he would try to tear it down. This went on for months. Relevant data included a number of items, though in the end we realized only a very few were important.

    There are bodies of large animals, as long as I have been thinking about this, I still confuse mammoths and mastodons, but I believe the bodies they found frozen are mammoths. Not that it matters.

    They have found mammoth bodies preserved in the tundra in Siberia, so well preserved they claim (falsely, it turns out) you can still eat the flesh. Recent examinations show that when you thaw it, the meat turns into putrid mush only a starving dog would eat.

    There is still plant material, (one article said it seemed to include buttercup flowers) in the alimentary tract, and refrigeration experts say an animal that large would have to be frozen in less than 6 hours to preserve plant material. Note the 6 hour parameter totally breaks the Ph.D. theory of the surface moving millimeters at a time. Whatever happened, happened very fast.

    So, we have data that the animals were in a warm place, in a field of grass and flowers, then within 6 hours were frozen solid and then stayed frozen for thouasnds of years in their current location.

    So, from a warm plant filled field, they were moved far and fast, to what is now the coldest part of the planet.

    We have established how fast, but how far? Scientists with their bogus Ice Age theories tell us glaciers were as far south as Minnesota in the USA, which they take as proof of a non-existent Ice Age. When the glaciers were in Minnesota, there were mammoths grazing on the other side of the planet. A true Ice Age would be frozen over its entire surface at the same distance from the Pole.

    Also, how far from Siberia would it be to temperate areas with grass and flowers? Probably a thousand miles, no more. Your estimate is as good as mine.

    Okay, once moved some thousands of miles to the new dark zone without thawing, they would stay frozen.

    We got hung up on the fast freeze. We struggled with that major bug for several months. Then we realized when you hit a round ball, it does go out of round. And, no more than ten miles up, will be extreme cold. So, the asteroid came in from the SW, hit near Atlantis, (which obviously existed) raised up the Himalayas, shoved a lot of stuff up into the extreme cold of space, then slowly settled down again in the Dark Cold zone without thawing. Shucks, Mount Everest is only up 5 miles and it's very cold.

    The former Dark Zone with its trillions of tons of ice and snow were suddenly relocated to a temperate zone, and would start to melt off. High humidity levels until the excess water was once again deposited on the new Artcic zone.

    There is a lot more data to support this theory but it just makes it harder to deal with, when you add too many data items. Logs in the South Pole region. Pieces of rocks under the ocean with magnetic particles which changed polarity fast and often. Core samples at the South Pole consistent with not millions of years, but a few thousands since the region was bare of snow.

    In my region of Mexico it is not far to a place at 6000 feet above sea level where ocean fish fossils are found in the rocks of the hills. You can make the trip and back within one day.

    In the early part of this century, National Geographic printed a short article by a scientist who says evidence is the Grand Canyon was formed in a few months when a giant lake of water broke loose and ran out. Any farm kid can look at the Grand Canyon and know those shapes were not made by a small river over thousands or millions of years. That giant lake would be the snow and ice from the former dark zone.

    Until this week, I forgot the oceans, though some say the ocean water came from inside the planet. But, if there were oceans before the asteriod struck, the shock which moved the outer skin of the planet a thousand or more miles in a short time, would have created an enormous tidal wave, as opposed to heavy rains building up enough depth to flood Noah Baby. I have no data on that aspect of the Flood. Thus no theory.
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