Ghost town question
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    May 2007
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    Ghost town question

    Has anybody here ever had a problem with sheriffs, etc, while hunting ghost towns in Nevada? What have been your experiences?

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    Arizona Ames

    Dec 2008
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    Re: Ghost town question

    You asked! I was sniping the ghost town of Rawhide, which is about 50 miles SE of Fallon, NV. The town has been turned into a strip mine but the graveyard (Boot Hill) is still there along with some of the mines of years past. I got there early and it was summer. I always carry 2 pints of water on me and by 1PM, I was dying of thirst after drinking all of my water. Well, 50 miles was the closest watering hole: 30 miles of dirt road and 20 miles of black top back to Fallon. I got to the blacktop and turned west towards Fallon when I espied a sign that said Cold Beer! I hit the brakes on the truck and turned around. I must have driven by this place 20 times without seeing it but dang, there was a building behind a chain link fence. I parked, went up to the gate, and there was a buzzer to ring that also rang inside the building. The lock opened on the gate and I went into the fenced area. I opened the door of the bar and was surprised how nice the bar was way out in the middle of the desert. There were some game machines, a pool table, and tables with a very nice big bar but no one here except the bar maid. I went and sat down at the bar and asked the bar maid if they had Bud on tap. She said they did. I asked if they had frosty mugs. She said they did. I ordered one and downed it in nothing flat. I needed another but was worried about the cost. I said,"how much?" She said .50 cents. I said "What!!! In the middle of nowhere? It shoud be at least $2. How can you stay in business?" She said, "Well, you know sir, we are a brothel!" My face turned all kinds of shades of red as I paid for the beer and ordered another. I had good conversation...... True story 11 years ago east of Fallon NAS.
    Arizona Ames

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    Re: Ghost town question


    Was there a sheriff there?

    bellum est praesto

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    Re: Ghost town question

    well not sure how old this post is but i live about 8 miles from Virginia city i am actually heading out to a ghost town called como, it had a population of about 230 from 1866-1872 the sheriffs don't really bother going out that far unless you are bringing attention to your self like making homemade explosives and setting them off in the hills. That's the only time i ever saw them out there lol You should be fine. if your in an area your really not supposed to be in it will have a sign of sorts posted.



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