a few questions
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    Aug 2008

    a few questions

    hi, i'm new to all of this and this website. I don't even know if i'm posting in the right place. i don't have a metal detector yet and i'm looking to buy my first one (other than the cheap plastic thing i had as a kid). i was looking into the vibra-tector 730, because i go snorkeling a lot on my vacations to florida. also there are many lakes around here. does anyone have this? or have any other reccomendations? i would love to get a nice detector but i only have a part time job due to the fact that i'm still in college. i'm looking to spend no more than 200 dollars for right now. thank you all!

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    Re: a few questions

    This is probably not the best place to post your question. The best place would be farther down on the main menu at the Shallow water and beach boards. That said I know nothing of the detector you mentioned however this much I do know about water hunting, Your gonna need more than $200.00 for a descent under water machine. Even used, I think the cheapest I've heard of a name brand going for is around $400.00. You should probably start above water on the land first just to learn a little about the hobby before investing into the water side, since it is pretty pricey. Good starter land machine start around $200.00 and go up from there. Three entry level machines I can recomend all with price tags around the 4200.00 range are; The Garrett Ace 250, The Tesoro Silver Sabre UMax, and for the real budget super saver descent depth usable machine I like the Bounty Hunter Mark IV for around $130.00 Most of these machines can be used on fresh water beaches or even in the water just make sure to keep the main control housing part completely dry.

    Hope this helps, welcome to T-Net HH and feel free to P.M. me for any questions or if you need help in any other way.



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