Question about STA mode
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    Jul 2020
    Nokta Impact
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    Question about STA mode

    I greet. I own the device Nokta impact. During this time I check the modes and the IDs. I have a problem with the mode STA. While in the book it states that this mode displays the target ID on the screen, in practice, when I use an object for test while generating a sound response the ID does not appear, or if it does it will do so after 10 seconds and after I have moved the target several times up and down withing the range of the STA. But then it gets lost again. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a general problem or is my device defective? Thanks.
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    Jul 2020
    Nokta Impact
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    ultimately it is a problem of mode. while it gives an audio response and the signal power goes up to the right, it fills the entire area on the screen, it does not display ID. If I move the object closer to the coil then it will appear. In my opinion it should show the identity in the first 3-4 lines of signal strength. Here it fills all the lines on the screen and has not yet appeared. I greet. good searches.



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