Nokta Impact Beyonders "Sniper Mode"
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Thread: Nokta Impact Beyonders "Sniper Mode"

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    Aug 2011
    ctx 3030 nokta impact Equinox 800
    1177 times

    Nokta Impact Beyonder's "Sniper Mode"

    By studying the available videos and my experiences with the Racer 2, I have come up with some great ideas for settings. LET ME STRESS, I do not have a unit yet to test them with.

    Beyonder's "Sniper mode"

    The Purpose: To snipe good targets in high (modern) trash areas at shallow depths(four or less inches). Speed speed speed is this mode's strength.

    Weakness: Not designed for deep targets. You need time to learn and get used to the vast amount of information that you will hear audibly.

    Strengths: Unmasking, separation, and speed. Due to extreme accuracy of the VID at shallow depths, you have a higher percentage of picking good targets out of the trash.

    The Waterproof 7.5x4'' DD Search Coil is highly recommended for this mode.

    Di99: Using 99 tones can be confusing, however with repeated use, you will learn which sounds are wanted targets, and which are trash. Some may think a 3 of 4 tone might be better, but when you start using tone breaks and limited tones, it can lead to unwanted digging(example: zincs and dimes sharing the same tone).

    14 khz freq: This is a good standard frequency to use in high trash. I have seen lower frequencies, at shallow depths, hit foil like silver and higher ones hit well on small aluminum.

    Gain 70 or less: The lower the better. A lower gain narrows the detecting area. A higher gain can slow YOU down digging deep when you don't want to and muddy multiple target the are co-mingled..

    A higher iSAT may give a better response to shallow targets. (NOT 100% sure at this time).

    Discrimination: The first 5 bars no more. Just enough to remove possible noise and some iron. if you start going higher, it can lead to higher processing times(no that YOU would notice).

    In the field: Frequency shift(if needed) ground balance. Use the settings above, save(fd/save) and enjoy!

    Questions, comments, concerns? Ask away...when I get the Impact LOL!

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    Apr 2016
    Dayton, Tennessee
    Garrett AT pro, Garrett Ace400
    140 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Seems like you are off to good start for having it figured out

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    Jul 2012
    2- Xp Deus, Minelab Equinox 800, Minelab Etrac, Nokta Anfibio Multi, Tarsacci MDT-8000
    845 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Well hello Beyonder,
    I see you have a plan of sorts.

    I have been testing and using Impact for a while now.

    A tremendous unit in my opinion,especially in sites with both modern trash and or ferrous materials.

    Well,I think here is a good place to share some ideas and experiences.
    Btw there is a very good informative thread at friendly forum I have put together over time.
    New Impact owners I think will benefit.

    What about the Impact,,what really makes it stand out

    First hand accounts of my using it and some other great units,,even some of these units made by Nokta and Makro.

    Impact has IMO when hunting sites loaded with iron and nails,,,a total language package.
    What do I mean by this??
    I mean everything on this detectors wraps together very nicely for a user to place bets on a dig/no dig decision.

    The meter,,the tones,,the iron tone,the overload,,all of these give a user deadly combination.

    A scenario to help folks here understand.

    I have been hunting using Impact lately assuming the following premise.
    On average more worthy finds are more masked/hidden vs less worthy targets.

    So how does this work using Impact.

    Let's say you know of a site that has had some pressure put on it.
    This particular site does some some modern trash,,but also has some old history too.

    So you pop in with Impact and smaller coil,,,you know by whatever reasons the sites has a ton of iron and nails on it.

    So you show up,,realizing the site has been hunted pretty hard.
    What do you do using Impact??

    Here is what I've been doing.

    Targets that provide clean hits I leave alone.
    What justifies a clean hit.
    Super steady meter reading,,no iron vol trying to creep in.
    Now,,this would not apply maybe to a signal that is reading high like high conductor.
    I run Impact at 20khz and set disc anywhere between 0-3,, and Imask to 0.
    And yes I run DI99.

    So what I am looking for is targets where vdi is moving around,,where I can hear iron volume wanting to creep in,,where I can see if targets get worse and better while pivoting around.
    Basically can I tell if the target is being encroached,,and by doing can I trust the meter,,what it is telling me.
    If I can determine using this system,,if meter is lying to me,,I'll dig.

    Imagine this,,if the site has been hit hard by say a Minelab CTX or Etrac,,why would I want to dig,,those solo stand alone targets
    Most likely Minelabbers have done looked at and passed.

    The key is to,,find targets you think anyone else,,even yourself using previous detectors,,find targets their detectors would have struggled on or on odds never alerted you or the other people when hunted previously.

    This above has been working for me,,,limiting digging,,and finding some good finds.

    Now,,if after gold jewelry,,this above maybe not a good idea.

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    Aug 2011
    ctx 3030 nokta impact Equinox 800
    1177 times
    TNSS, keep this under your hat, but I plan on doing a lot of MD video's this year.

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    Jul 2012
    2- Xp Deus, Minelab Equinox 800, Minelab Etrac, Nokta Anfibio Multi, Tarsacci MDT-8000
    845 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by b3y0nd3r View Post
    TNSS, keep this under your hat, but I plan on doing a lot of MD video's this year.
    I hope you do.
    I enjoy watching,,,would even pay to watch too.
    As long as they are narrated properly/sensibly.
    I think you are very capable to do this.

    I have always followed your post closely,,I value highly.
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