5/16/17 Nokta Impact next 5 hunts and observations.
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Thread: 5/16/17 Nokta Impact next 5 hunts and observations.

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    Aug 2011
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    5/16/17 Nokta Impact next 5 hunts and observations.

    I have been putting in the hours to learn the Impact and over the next 5 hunts, have little in the way of goodies, but a lot in experience.

    Two hunts at my old school the past two Fridays. I worked an area that was hit to death with the standard and the small coil. I found a lot of junk, but nothing great. I had these great sounding one way signals that turned out to be foil. I got fooled on a piece of iron(I did not check it with Gen(D)).

    Two hunts at my ex-honey hole. This private church yard, I found a ton of good targets. The first hunt, I found very little in the way of keepers. The second hunt I tried an area I beat to death with the CTX. Two wheats(1936 1919). The 1919 was above a large iron nail(3 inches long). I moved away from that area as I didn't have a camera and want to record things like that.

    My mom's old high school(5/15/17). Right off the bat, when I first started hunting this site years ago, a girl walked by with her dog, claiming she metal detected this spot for years(and quite sassy about it as well). I may have found a dozen good targets here. I had the small coil. I dug nothing but iffys and it was all junk. Foil, pencil eraser tips, old metal lead pencils, and can slaw. I had a good signal that was hitting nice, it turned out to be a nut made of copper(like they use in eye glasses). I had two good signals. One was right up against the school and was a shallow clad dime(77-82 TID). The next was a booming (88-96 very jumpy). I dig down and find a small silver looking coin, the size of a half-dime. I was pretty excited so I took a close look at it, it was a 1957 play dime ARRRGHG!!! My first one, but still. I packed it in and headed home.


    Foil: Here is the deal. You may get a good jumpy one way, but it will sound scratchy in Di3. The other way over the target, the TID drops or even disappears. I dug about 40 foil signals and can tell that the target is foil. Rule of thumb, if the TID drops to iron or is scratchy OVER the target(make sure it is pin-pointed), it's most likely foil.

    Using Gen(D) on targets is a good way to confirm if it is a conductive above foil, or a junk target. It takes some skill as targets blend with Gen(D)(more on this soon).

    Target lock-on. While swinging the detector, I noticed high tones(in Di3), that changed when you are directly over the target. This is because you are catching a corner of the target and once you lock-on, the TID settles down. It locks hard on circular items, which is good, because you get that, "I know it's a coin" feeling.

    EMI. I had one bout with bad EMI on Di2 at my old school so I switched back to Di3. EMI, isn't nearly as bad as it was, but im not pushing it either. Let's see what happens in the future.

    I have hit about 5 different beat sites and got some goodies. The Impact really does it's job well. I still need plenty of hours to reach a level of mastery of the machine.

    The future...? I will be hitting spots I haven't hit before. at these previous site, I kinda knew what to expect. It is an entirely different thing on a new site with the unknown and a new machine. it can shake your confidence.

    Well I got my new camera and did some filming, but the mount is an issue. Work in progress.

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    Apr 2017
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    thanks for the write ups..

    still waiting for mine to show up

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    May 2017
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    b3y0nd3r, can you tell us more about your recent digs with the Nikta Impact?

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    Aug 2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony (Michigan) View Post
    b3y0nd3r, can you tell us more about your recent digs with the Nikta Impact?
    Better yet, you can watch them!

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    Dec 2017
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    Had the machine for about 6 months now and I can add the following observations on both field and coin garden testing. For starters it does a better job at unmasking coins in iron versus the Etrac and T2. Also less iron falsing versus the Etrac. For those of us who like TID info, VLX2 seems to provide the most accurate and consistent numbers even at depth. When you lose the TID number on deeper targets increasing target depth ID to high still seems accurate and kicks in nicely when you loose TID.

    Another important observation is bottle caps. As we all know most machines pick them up and there are ways to identify them. Most of those tricks hold true with the Impact. I thought this was a small negative having to take the time to determine if the target was a bottle cap. That was until I tried to unmask a coin next the the cap versus the same test with the Etrac. The impact told me there was a coin there with some good numbers on certain angles. However the Etrac ignored the bottle cap along with the coin.
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