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Thread: Impact impressions?

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    May 2017
    XP Orx, Teknetics 8500, Treasure Baron with Gold Module
    56 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    On the pinpointing mode of the Kruzer I wonder if it allows for detuning of the audio to narrow the signal? Looks like the Equinox has VCO pinpointing so harder to locate object in the videos I've watched. It looks like the Kruzer has similar but videos don't show it closely. On the detectors I'm used (Teknetics 8500) Tesoro models, I didn't have to use a secondary pinpointer and just narrowed signal to a fine point for easy target locating.

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    Mar 2018
    6 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I bought the Impact in May 2017 after seeing the Racer 2 on You tube and thought the Impact would be better as it was the latest technology. I bought it for gold prospecting in the Golden Triangle in Victoria as I was used to VLF machines having owned a Whites with 16 inch coil for many years and found reasonable nuggets of 2 to 3 oz and some littlies of a quarter to half an ounce.
    First and what has never been mentioned on any forum the Impact can easily handle very high levels of mineralisation without changing any of the settings in the 20 Khz frequency. My favourite mode is DEEP as it will go much deeper than GEN or all metal mode,at least twice as deep but the tone break has to be adjusted to 20 to mask rusted iron as normally it will give a high signal same as gold. DEEP becomes sluggish at 90% on the min.meter supplied,but is ok at 80%.At 90% I found the strongest and most stable signal for gold was the DI3 mode. GEN mode is very good at picking up small gold down to 0.1 gram in weight at more shallow depths and in GEN you can use tracking mode without having to ground balance every 10 minutes. Occasionally i can encounter an extreme patch of mineralisation of 100% and COG mode can be used for that but it is more limited in depth.
    The Multi Kruzer is more lighter and waterproof.It seems to have lightning fast recovery on multiple targets.It is a more simplified approach than the Impact and has 6 modes as against the 12 for the Impact.Impact has discrimination in the GEN mode and will give a low tone for hot rocks and a high tone for gold on a 01 setting.


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