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Thread: Wheres Dilek

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    Jan 2015
    Upstate NY
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    Thanks Dilek. I meant no disrespect, and i'm not jumping ship anytime soon. At this moment the control box is sitting on my desk as I type waiting for me to get to the post office to mail it out to the Nokta Makro Service Center in Georgia. Last night I took my Racer 2 out for a spin and found some old stuff, so that will be my go to machine for the time being, and who knows, I may just stick with it, just not underwater...

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    Jan 2015
    Upstate NY
    Makro Racer 2 and Makro Kruzer Garrett Carrot pro-pointer AT
    774 times
    Metal Detecting
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    I wanted to give an update to anyone who's interested about my experience with the Makro/Nokta repair center. I shipped out the Detector (just the control Box) to Van Boone of North Georgia Detectors. He received it on Monday 4/1. I got the control box back that Friday 4/5. Van replaced the LED's and the main board of the detector. In doing so my settings were lost but the board came with all the newest updates so it is current. I am rating this service very high and would like to thank Van (if he's listening) for his hard work. I am also happy that Makro/Nokta chose a smaller retailer to entrust their warranty repair work to, or if they're not small, they are not as huge as some of the other repair centers.

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    May 2010
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    Good to hear!

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    Jan 2018
    North Atlanta
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHunterGT View Post
    I would contact CS yes. Dilek has stated in a few forums recently that contacting CS...your dealer...or the repair facility....will be the quickest and easiest route to take.

    She does not have the time (or job title) to handle every repair issue. She is traveling around doing trade shows and such - marketing and promotion being her gig.
    And she is darn good at what she does. Better than most spokes person at American detector companies. Do they even have a spokes person that can do social media and metal detecting forums like Dilek does?
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    Aug 2013
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    I contacted the repair center on my Simplex issue and apparently they have no way of repairing any problems with the Simplex as of yet. Very disappointing.
    So I called the seller and was told to call the distributer. What? Why would a customer have to call the distributer? I don't believe thats my job.
    So I guess my next email will be to Notka Makro to see if I can get it resolved.
    Let me say I really like this detector but this warranty run around is not cool.

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    Jul 2006
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    Most likely there are no spare parts in repair center yet, usually manufacturers do product replacement on just released detectors that fail, not repairs.
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