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    Jun 2006

    Arkansas arrowhead hunting

    Finding an arrowhead in my backyard has sparked my interest....well more like it sparked an obsession. I have always been a history buff, and I have spent weeks researching Indian history in Arkansas, and have found tons of info....but I cannot find any one story that tells of an exact location. There are so many rivers and streams in this state, I do not know where to start. I do not have a lot of time to spend hunting, so it is very frustrating to spend hours researching, and going to a few promising places...and then find nothing. I spent the entire weekend searching the White River along the area where the "bluff dwellers" were. Although I found a bunch of really interesting fossils (in the rock bluffs), I found no artifacts. I was just wondering if anyone may know of some good hunting grounds. I live in Fayetteville, AR (Northwest Arkansas), but I can drive for a couple of hours if it leads me to good spot! I keep finding these websites of people in Arkansas that have HUGE collections....but they never mention where they found them; or if they do say, it is very vague. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Arkansas arrowhead hunting


    Well some folks do tend to embellish their collections. Many is the time I have heard about these giant collections that turn out to be a dozen points in a cigar box, but there are a great many out there with fantastic stuff. Arkansas is a treasure trove of relics. Though I don't collect there, I have friends who do make an occasional foray north. I know the Murfreesboro area is great....Caddo Gap, the Caddo River and I believe its called Lake Greeson areas hold potential.

    If Arkansas is like Louisiana, relics can be found in most any plowed field near a permanent water source..around creeks etc that flow year round and around permanent springs. I would say this though, much of Arkansas is national forest and park land...they take a dim view to "collectors" there. So be careful about where you look and who you share your information with.

    There are collectors who will readily share there spots with you, but I find you will have to be pretty close friends with the majority before you can pry such information for their grip. You are on the right track though, doing research does help pinpoint potential places...also talk to local farmers and folks and see if you can stir up any interest. Hunting for any treasure, Indian relics included, always entails more looking than finding...don't be discouraged if you don't find that "pot of gold" on every trip, or your first one. The race is won by those who keep on keeping on.

    Hope you find a hot spot. Gimme a holler when you do. One thing Arkansas has in its favor is wonderful lithic material.

    Good luck


    *a tip.....as I am closely associated with libraries myself, I suggest you go to the local library in your area....they normally know who collects in the general vicinity.....get to know them.....use the tools at your disposal.*

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    Jun 2006

    Re: Arkansas arrowhead hunting

    Thanks Atlantis! I just got back from Murfreesboro. Spent July 4 "digging for diamonds" (no, I did not find any). I also went to the Ka-Do-Ha Indian Village (in Mufreesboro) where there are a few excavated mounds. It was interesting. They had a little plowed area where you could surface hunt for arrowheads (no, I did not find any of these either!). Anyways, thanks for the info!

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    Re: Arkansas arrowhead hunting

    Morning Isnipan,

    I also was suckered into the "lure of diamonds" at the crater, found nothing. I think if they do anything, they take a few small diamonds and seed the place occasionally to keep the masses coming back for more...lol

    The Ka-do-ha Indian village is a neat place, but was coming a flood the day I visited, so didn't make the "find your own" spot. That is the home of Caddo Trading. (www.caddotc.com) They have an extensive collection of relics for sale on the net....high prices as well. What they do have going for them is a nice book collection....stuff you cant normally find in other locations.

    Do they still have the sloosh miners on the edges of the crater of diamonds? When I was there, there were people with large screens with running water and holes dug 10 feet deep. I would imagine if anyone found any diamonds it would be those folks, but I thought it was dirty pool for them to be able to have such setups when the rest of us poor slobs were out there with our butts turned up to the relentless sun doing the surface collecting thing.

    Happy Hunting,


    It seemed like a good idea at the time, these folks seemed to be enjoying themselves, but I dont recommend it as a summertime activity.
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    Jun 2006

    Re: Arkansas arrowhead hunting

    Yes, they have places where you can pan your dirt in the water. I posted some info. on another forum the other day about my experience. LOL about it not being a summer time hobby (see the PS: in my post below).

    I visited the "crater of diamonds" last week for the 4th of July. I did not find anything, but it was still fun. If you are thinking about going, I highly recommend that you read the book, "Genuine Diamonds in Arkansas" before you go (especially if you are traveling from another state just to go to the diamond mine). I bought it at a gift shop before I left. I have since read the entire thing, and am now very anxious to get back and try again. This book is a must have! Not only does it give you a very detailed history about the mine, there is some great information, great pictures, and very helpful tips. I have not read a book cover to cover since I was in college (and even then I was all about cliff notes , and I could not put this thing down. The guy who wrote it has practically spent his whole life hunting, and learning about the diamonds. It will really get ya motivated and is a great reference book. I will definitely have more confidence going into my next dig. You can purchase the book for $12 at www.diamondsinar.com .

    Happy Hunting!
    -L. Snipan

    PS: It is VERY HOT in Arkansas this time of year, and there is NO SHADE on the field. It is also very helpful to hunt right after a good rain, which there is not a whole lot of right now. I am going to wait and go back in the fall!

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    Jan 2006
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    Re: Arkansas arrowhead hunting


    Don't give up, plenty of Indian artifacts out there to be found. Atlantis gave great information, as always.

    I too been to the Crater of Diamonds...found nothing. Indian Mound at Murfreesboro was very interesting.

    Good luck!


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    May 2005
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    Re: Arkansas arrowhead hunting

    I used to find a lot of points and scrapers, and occasionally larger items such as hoes, adzes, and even a celt or two on plowed fields along the Arkansas River and Mulberry River in W/NW Arkansas.

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    May 2006

    Re: Arkansas arrowhead hunting

    I live in the Texarkana area and have found a few artifacts along the Red River and small creeks north of Texarkana. Either Oklahoma or Arkansas. Take your pick.

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    Oct 2007
    Fayetteville Arkansas

    Re: Arkansas arrowhead hunting

    Thought I would touch on both subjects that have come up here; I also live in Fayetteville and love to hunt for artifacts and have found a few in the Bella Vista area.

    As for the, “Diamond State Park” I have found a diamond, I met an old man there that showed me the tricks of the trade. My find was quite small but there is a trick to finding them, next time I’ll spend more time there…

    Hint for Indian artifacts in Bella Vista, get a book from the library about the area, drive down the road and compare the pictures you’ll see it all off of 540

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    Aug 2006
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    Re: Arkansas arrowhead hunting

    I too was humbled by Crater of Diamonds! I worked all day long and was all giddy when I took my meager finds up to the lil "booth" to get examined, only to have the girl tell me "That one is glass, that's mica, that one is quartz...that one is the bottom of a coke bottle". *sigh*.

    Isnipan, Ronnk, I work for the Museum of Native American Artifacts there in Bentonville, Ark. You should drop by there sometime, if you haven't yet. I'm sure you'll get a kick out of some of the world class artifacts. Drop by sometime!

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    Jun 2014
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    I have hunted arrowheads in S.W. Arkansas for about 30 years. The creeks and bayous are always a good bet, especially on high bluff banks. Anywhere two streams converge is also usually very good. If you can find a recent logging clearcut near a creek it is always worth checking out. I have also found artifacts in central and northern Arkansas at various lakes, in particular Greeson, Dierks, and Degray. The Little Missouri River near Camp Albert Pike near Langley is also an excellent place to look.



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