Amazing wife and keeper of the hounds found an amazing point or Blade, West coast BC
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Thread: Amazing wife and keeper of the hounds found an amazing point or Blade, West coast BC

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    Amazing wife and keeper of the hounds found an amazing point or Blade, West coast BC

    Reposting this from "Today's finds" in hopes to get more info.

    So... I have the best friend in the world. She has a very busy job as a keeper of the hounds, sometimes out with up to 12 off leash dogs each hike. Today was a nice easy day here on Vancouver Island, BC. She stumbled upon what we think might be a Native American type or aboriginal tool for cutting. It is GORGEOUS held up to a light, translucent and looks like a ton of effort was put into crafting this amazing tool (at least in my eyes). Never have I seen a point or tool like this in display and can't seem to find much information online either. So I ask you, the experts... What did she find?

    We don't want to reveal too much information as to preserve the area but she was on a small coastal mountain and the tool was located in the creek bank/wash out about 1' up in a 3' tall bank.

    I love how the little notch is super smooth, it fits perfectly in her hand and is still sharp.

    Thanks to all that help!

    My amazing wife found something while walking 9 dogs at work!

    Link above is for the first topic posting. Pictures are being a pain, but easy to see if clicking above, will try and rectify the problem shortly.
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    It is a wonderful find! I have no idea about age, but there are several lanceolate forms listed for that area in Overstreet's guide. You might try your own research for these forms in the specific area it was found and see what types are common to that area.
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    Nice Find!
    Looks like a knife. (I sure would be nice if you shared some better close-up pictures on this thread.)
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    My best guess would be a small Cascade and if so that would make it a Paleo piece. Killer find no matter what type and I would definitely be looking that area over a little closer for more.

    (Edited to change type. after seeing welsbury's post that is the type I was thinking of, not Haskett)
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    Congrats to your wife, she has a good eye. I believe the piece is in the Cascade series of artifacts and appears to be a small knife.
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    Nice find looks like a Cascade to me also .

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    i have found several of that type of point in Washington state. The material from your point came from either Oregon or east of the Cascades over further in Idaho. A very probable route would have been up the coast line as there was a lot of interaction, trade and numerous peoples exploiting very reliable resources for thousands of years. here are a couple of good links.

    Puget Sound Knappers

    Cascade Bi-Point Projectile Point
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