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    Re: The Mano , the other Hard-Stone tool .

    Thanks for bumping this one Tn, totally enjoyable and I did learn something. we found a rock shelter with a huge table size boulder that had fallen from the ceiling of the shelter. It had a few grinding holes on the top of it, as well as grooves worn along the edge. The deepest hole was deep enough for me to put my arm in, almost up to my elbow. How long did that take?

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    Re: The Mano , the other Hard-Stone tool .

    TnMnt’s , read it last night,. Its been a while , today I believe I could do better . But that’s the point , my writing skills have improved ,..a wee bit of exercise can go a long way !!
    Anyway , been look’n to get a laptop , been working out of town ,and there isn’t much time to “play” with this stuff when home. I have a good rough/ finish ? Draft for another post similar to this one on heating/ cooking stones from cali . And then there’s my notes /draft ? For the Australian Aboriginal , which is going to change to more of a prospective , from a kid who liked history and was intrigued with the Aboriginal people ,during some odd times of the early 70's for the Aboriginal people.
    Yeah ?? ,...we’ll See ??....Blindpig

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    Re: The Mano , the other Hard-Stone tool .

    bp, i missed this post, thank you for teaching us all! i too have the same scenero as you, with the bed rock mortars, over here they named them "indian wells" . i have personally found some that exceed 18in, and this last year i actually found a mano still in one, just sitting there, a wonderful sight. the majority of the manos from my area come crom basin matates and grinding slabs, i was told when i was younger the morters were in the thousands in the foothills, now the only ones that remain are to big for vehicles to eaisly remove, and are a thrill to find everytime .

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    Re: The Mano , the other Hard-Stone tool .

    all i know that is one cool pile of mano's, they did there job and
    they took care of the poor brave when his eyes wondered...! ouch!



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