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    Sep 2011

    Establishing facts on Oak Island

    Of all the Treasure stories, I think the Oak island one is very, very unlikely to yield treasure. Of all the years on this site and all the legal stuff that has transpired, whats the most that has been found? how accurate are the stories of what they found every 10 feet? I just want to establish a line of facts on this site. has there ever been anything written link to oak Island that would justify the Hype? I think the sink holes and all that is just an anomaly.

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    Re: Establishing facts on Oak Island

    Hello Michell 78613

    I could not agree more.

    Interesting legend but the whole story crumbles under serious investigation. The whole legend personifies the term "Money Pit" Money goes in nothing comes out. And its had over 200 years of people pouring money, hopes and dreams into it.

    In answer to your question about evidence to support all the hype No! It is human nature and the desire to believe there is some thing there. Some times the legend becomes larger than life.

    Sadly its one such legend that needs to be put to rest.


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    Sep 2010
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    Re: Establishing facts on Oak Island

    Oak Island Gold: Startling New Discoveries in the World's Most Famous Treasure Hunt
    ISBN-10: 155109049X
    If you have not already found this title you should read it.
    I tend to think that there might actually be something hidden on the island. Crooker (the author) writes about several OI legends and offers his own "credible" explanation.
    I think that instead of digging, anyone going after this treasure(?) should first invest their money in science/technology... it is a small search area. Then, when any anomalies are discovered, make the find public and if you don't already have it, insist on permission to excavate... using archeology.

    Anyway, it would be a lost opportunity to loose "access" to Oak Island.

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    Re: Establishing facts on Oak Island

    If it was of archaeological importance i think they would of tried. I think its the biggest wild goose chase of them all. Dont want to dash hopes and dreams but its just my opinion. If it is a joke then the person who created it laughed his way all the way to hell if I am wrong then I will admit it.
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    Jul 2012
    My understanding is that the biggest problem is that there has been so many bore holes dug that the original money pit is lost. I would hope that some sort of ground penetrating radar could solve this mystery. I have to say that regardless of the outcome this is my favorite treasure story. It could be rationalized that this much sucrutiny would be exposed by now. Who knows though.........fingers crossed.

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    Sep 2007
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    I believe the story. The pirates plan it that only they can dig up the treasures. Good luck to the seekers and the dreamers.



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