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Thread: If the Templar Treasure was Found now what happens

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    Apr 2007
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    If the Templar Treasure was Found now what happens

    OK If you found or knew of the location of the Templar Treasure what would you do .

    You could not keep it , none of it even though there is no Templars left to claim it .
    The land owner can make some money from the site long after it is gone.
    You can sell the movie rights and book rights but how much would that bring and when you get paid the gov. will take most of anything you get. You just found the Biggest treasure in history worth BILLIONS and you end up broke after all of the money you spent doing the work to locate it

    This is how things are in the real world of Treasure Hunting we have a site we want to check out this summer but the cost of the trip and legal fees and permits are high. Yet we still plan to make the trip this summer sometime.

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    Hell O Finder,

    The answer will come after you are left with nothing. Everybody will be telling you what you should have done.

    Yes finding a treasure is the easy part.

    If you can pretty much prove your case without digging, find a good lawyer that has handled treasure finds. I would settle for whatever percent he would ask on a contingency basis, keeping the exclusive rights out of it.

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    Apr 2007
    Clearfield Pa.
    GPL , 2 box & more
    46 times
    Hi Homar, Ya thats about it. Oak Island had its own deal with the gov. and I am sure they were in this for the money but the laws changed and I am not sure of any reward or finders fee on anything found in Nova Scotia now. We are doing a TV show in Nova Scotia for the History Channel and we sign papers to keep the movie and book rights to sell. If anyone knows how to make money from a find like this please let us know before a dig. The Templar Treasure has no ownership/ no country to claim it / or church . They hid it from the indians in Nova Scotia so they have no claim so the gov of Nova Scotia would be the best choice for ownership and not the FINDER. In some cases of found treasure there are many claims filed for ownership so I guess this one should be simple in court some day.

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    Jun 2007
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    (WINK) Yo, FK! MAYBE, you could get SPONSORSHIP from a modern day Knights Templar Order (NOT Masonic KT)... such as Inner Portals (Inner Portals)... may be able to generate an independent income while raising world consciousness. "Google" MODERN DAY KNIGHTS TEMPLAR ORDER... DUNNO. Good Luck, HH!
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