10-X Question: Season 1 Ep1 and Season 2 Finale
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    10-X Question: Season 1 Ep1 and Season 2 Finale

    I just got around to rewatching season 1 last night and was struck by what John421 had posted of his pictures of the pillar shown in S1ep1 and S2Finale. I watched on my bluray player and advanced scene by scene. One thing that is confusing and frankly silly is that it looks like they were filming the cavity at the bottom of 10-X in S1ep1, but they felt the need to go back and get sonar scans? I don't get the jump in chronology.

    1) In s1ep1, were they in fact filming inside the cavern below 10-X, or were they only filming the debris filmed bottom up to the 27" opening?
    2) If the answer to Q1 above is that they were indeed filming inside the cavity, the camera was yielding some very detailed pictures. Why didn't they decide to continue to the bottom in that season (i.e. summer 2013)?
    3) If the camera in s1ep1 was lowered into the entire cavern down to 235' deep, which hole did they use? Did they drill a new one?
    3) For Q2 above, why the need for sonar with such detailed pictures a year later in S2Finale?
    4) Aren't all these targets in that cavern just drill cores from previous drilling in 10-X? My understanding is that the cavern would be FULL of debris after the cave ins in the 1970's. So how are they separating legitimate targets from the artifacts from previous drilling?

    Sorry for the stupid questions I had just completely forgotten that the very first episode was dedicated to 10-X. I would have thought that the very first camera shots they would have been able to determine that there are worthwhile targets down there to go after. I just don't understand the jump in chronology, i.e. they abandon it and go drain the swamp, then move on to core sampling, finally returning to 10-X in S2. Maybe they wanted to "pause" and reconfirm facts before spending additional capital by exploring other parts of the island before they got back at it.

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    From us the viewers it seems there is no rhyme nor reason as to what they do and how they do it.. I can only hope that in real life there is some sort of plan compared to what we see on TV.. They apparently knew the 10x 27'' hole was clogged earlier on.. They had already drilled a 6'' hole within the edge of 10x to drop the sonor into.. We didn't know that till they mentioned it in the last show or two this year.. So a lot goes on we don't know about and the show may not even be showing it to us in the order they actually are doing stuff in live time..



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