The Knights Templar connection to Oak Island Challenge
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Thread: The Knights Templar connection to Oak Island Challenge

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    Oct 2011
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    The Knights Templar connection to Oak Island Challenge

    To Premise the Purpose of this Thread

    Witnessed of the last decade or so , are claims that The Knights Templar Brought
    to the Western Hemisphere , Their Wealth of Treasure , and as well , it has been claimed
    that they secreted that Wealth in Man Made Vaults set to the Golden Mean as chosen way
    of selecting the sites for the Vaults .

    I wrote of this on the internet in Treasure forums as Early as 2001

    As a Writer , both of Fiction and non-fiction material , I must confess that
    those Old Postings of that diatribe was Full fiction .
    I'll add one of my early postings here from a now defunct Forum where I wrote out
    a Fictional Connection to Oak Island with the Knights Templar as the Original Depositors
    of the supposed Treasure there .

    That will follow in my next post .

    However , and here is the Challenge , I created the Fiction out of thin air ( maybe imagined it )

    My Post of that Fiction I wrote are all time stamped by the Forum .
    Challenge is :
    I liked for members to find an earlier Text than my own , where the Knights Templar are not only
    responsible for the Mystery of Oak Island supposed deposit ,,,

    But as well , Mentions that the Knights Templar used a lay out of the Golden Mean for picking
    any sites for Treasure Deposits .
    That's the Challenge .

    Thank you , this should be fun for us , seeking the first written material to ever make the Claim
    That the KT were involved in building Treasure Vaults in the Hemisphere , and using
    the Golden Mean to lay those Vaults out .

    Ok ?
    Take the challenge with me ?

    Cool fun
    I'll get started on it myself ,,, Google here I come baby
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    Oct 2011
    651 times
    Ok , here is an Early Copy of my fictional Knights Templar Connection to Oak Island .

    Time stamp
    Dated 2003 , I know I wrote earlier than that on other forums using the same storyline .
    But , the challenge is to find some other person's Text that predates my fiction .

    copy pasted from
    I am Hippie on that forum back then

    ~~~~ "

    by hippie on Thu Dec 04, 2003 5:08 pm Gentlemen
    What Oak Island has is a depository of Knights Templar Articles.
    The Treasure is obtained by entering the shafts and or tunnels.
    The entrance to these tunnels will be found through the leylines of the Golden mean.
    Stones, with drill holes have been found on the island.
    These are your increment stones.
    The holes will be a certain depth
    each inch = 1ft.
    If the hole in the stone is 12 inches deep , then the increment is 1 inch per foot.
    Measure the distance to the next stone, note how many inches you come up with, say you come up with 123, this means your diagonal line from your southeast corner to your northeast corner will equal 123 feet, this will be the long line of the ley line of the golden mean, You will be looking to set a golden rectangle by this increment.
    Where the ley lines intersect on that rectangle, is one of your entrances to the tunnels that will safely get you into one of the vaults.
    Next, you must begin to arc the golden spiral, where the spiral cross's the ley lines, there you will find more entrance's to more vaults.
    Your next step is to leyout the golden triangle and the Golden circle, remembering that it is 1/3 of the circle that is the portion you are looking for, note that where the lines of the triangle cross the bisect of the circle is your next entrance.
    Perhaps it is best, that you take an ariel photo, mark the locale of each stone with the holes that have been found. overlay the photo with clear plastic, set you degrees at 36 and 76 for the ley lines, and see what you come up with.
    This is the KEY to the chest.
    A study of Pythagorean Geometry, fibbonacci number sequence, and the golden mean would help.
    The date on the stone of 1704 is not a date, it is an increment.
    this is part of the esoteric knowledge used for these burials.
    The alchemy symbols for such are in the area.
    The Hippie ,,,,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    ~~~~~~~~~~~ End copy pasted Text ~~~~~~~~~~~

    The above was written right off the cuff . It is fiction , and it was fun to write .

    Interestingly ,,,, it somehow grew Wings and flew like a 757 across Media exploitation .

    Did I do that ? or was this material about the Knights being here to deposit treasure written somewhere before
    I created the Fictional Story ?

    Let's try , shall we , maybe ,,, just maybe , the Knights Really did bury Treasure here , and used
    the Golden Mean as well as Leylines to pick the sites for their Vaults .

    ( Oh boy ,,, a Joke of mine took wings ,, shame on me )
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    Oct 2011
    651 times
    Next Post of mine from that same forum and timeline

    Granted , I must have Been on a Starbucks Binge .

    copy pasted from 2003 forum

    pure fiction from my finger tips ( yes , I signed it Rog' ,,, short for Roger Snow )

    begin copied post ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    by hippie on Fri Dec 05, 2003 12:24 am Hi Tank, Not to worry, It is hard to rattle me.
    This is my first visit to this site.
    On my formulas and where they come from, or as you state it, " how do I know this ?
    I am the descendant of the Grand Master Ruxillias of the Knights Templar, circa 1651, as well, My linage is that of Huges duPayen.
    Huges, was from the Monastery where Dagobert the II was exiled to after his overthrow by the Carolingians, Dag, was what is known as the last Merovingian King of Middle Europe.
    This linage is said to be that of the Saan Grael, known as the Holy Grail, or better stated, Translated loosly from the Latin, Holy blood (Saan Graael)
    The Esoteric Knowledge is handed Down through the Linage of the Holy Blood line of King David through to the first Merovingian King and unto the first Grand master of the Knights Templar, which was Huges Du Payan,
    The Sacred Geometry outlined above in my prior post, is the Key to many ancient sites and structures of the Ancients.
    Much is Laid out to the Geometric design Pythagoras Attributed to Element #47 out of Euclids book #1 of the 13 books of Euclids elements.
    This Geometry is relative to all sites within the Ancient Esoteric and Arcane arena. It is the foundation by which The Pyramids at Giza are set and as well as that of other sites inclusive in these is the Cities of Atlantis.
    Yeah, Atlantis is real.
    As is appearent unto all who have attempted to discover the Mystery of the design implemented in the Construction of the Oak Island Vaults and channels (tunnels) The designers were above the mainstream populace in their Knowledge of constructing such a baffeling maze of stumbling blocks and shafts to protect this one site, as well, even today, with the Technology extent, We struggle greatly to unravel this site.
    This is evident in and of it's self that the construction and design is "NOT" that of the simple Pirate,
    Simply, the site is one that was very cleverly planned, and replacates those vaults of the Ancients that have yet to be discovered.
    A simple demonstration of the Knowledge that the Grand Masters of the Knights Templar were the inhieritors of is the Fact that they were able to enter King Tuts tomb nearly 900 years ago and remove objects more precious then Gold, without the burden of removing the Mass of stones covering the tomb as did Carter and Canarvon had to remove.
    This was done, and articles removed, then the 4 doors resealed, and the few stones blocking the channel under the rest of the stones replaced without causing a cave-in. The knowledge of this construction, may have been retrived in Constantinople during the Crusades, where it had been taken by the Zealots who had Sacked the Great Library at Alexandria back in the 4th century, As well, Huges and the other 8 Knights, may have recovered from the Holy land the Documents with the information within them a century before the invasion of Constantinople.
    Either way, it was somewhat mind boggeling to Carter that someone had opened the Tomb of Tut, and did not Bother to take ALL the treasure from within, and they were not in a rush, for they took the time to reseal the doors with plaster, and as Carter thought, Heave all the stones back in place, so it is not as though they did not have the time to take all the treasure , nor is it a matter of them being caught, for the items they took, were not placed back in the tomb as they would ahve been if the looters ahd been caught, simply, what was removed meant more to the retrievers then the gold and jewels of Tut, and as well, the Knights Templar already had more Gold and Jewels at their disposal then they ever needed, so why burden themselves further ? ( must be nice to have that much, don't ya' think ?)
    The Drag marks of trunks being removed from the Tomb and drug OUT the doors on a prior raid of the tomb, were still in extent upon Carters opening the Tomb some 7 hundred years later.
    Carter must have went to his Grave Bothered Greatly by that Mystery.
    I can well imagine he did.
    On a futher note,,,,,
    One may find within the seals of Solomon, and in the Ancient Hebraic Alchemy, all the symbols for such Geometry and the increments of measure, as well as many other features pertaining to Matters of the spirit.
    The Ancient Kabbalah, is a set of symbols, each with a mathmatical equivalent, for instance : Pythagoras attached the letter "Y" to element #47, this Geometric design, per his Theorem, was the Key to the Transmigration of the soul from one being or body unto a higher one.
    Well,,,, Thats what his theory states. so don't bug me about it MAN
    On the Hippie conotations. I would like to point out that Hippism is not a drug based paradigmn,( no matter how the media attempted to portray it)
    It is about consciousness, one closely aligned with the teachings of Both Jesus Christ and Pythagoras, whereas , PEACE AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE WERE THE PARAMOUNT ELEMENTS OF THAT CONSCIOUSNESS.
    Funny, but I notice as I reviewed the community of Pythagoras, how it appeared to me that this Community surely must have been the contemporary HIPPIE COMMUNE of Greece at the time. well, just a cute observation to add here in the midst of all the esoteric dialog.
    Lets see, I guess I shall at this point throw out a theory as to where exactly the Oak Island Articles came from and why they were deposited there at the island. ( please, keep in mind that i have for the most part read a hugh amount of other theories, and I do not discount them, and this should not be taken as an opurtunity to open a debate with myself by others, I allow them their theories, without attcking such, and in a fair exchange, May they allow me mine, without attack )
    As I hav'nt the time to look back on the exact date of this event, I am going to just use for the momment a supposed date, this being done without refering to notes. so please, do not pick the time-stamp apart, geeees-its ! Thank you.
    In or ABOUT? 1602, "ROUGHLY", and in answer to the Church once again targeting the knights Templar in yet another inquitition, by which to frame them for heresy and thereby obtain the Knights land holdings and wealth. The Knights found that perhaps it was time for a little retribution to be paid back to the Church, They brought their combined ships and Harbored them, then, paying off the sentinels, entered the Vaults within the Catacombs beneath the Vatican, They raided and looted these vaults, loaded the loot upon their ships and set sail for the New World.
    The deposit at Oak Island, is but a small portion of that loot taken from the Vaults, Some of this loot comprised some of the Templar Treasure that the Church had unjustly taken control of in the 14th century during King Phillipes frame job of the Knights, of Friday the 13th 1307.
    This looting of the Vatican Vaults was retailiation for the unjust lynchings of the Knights to gain control of their wealth, and as well, was simply taking back from thieves what was originally stolen from the Knights. The looting was kept hushed by a Vatican which felt secrecy about it would best serve the purpose of trying to retrieve the goods.
    Interesting to note, it was The Knights Templar who had found the Gold of King Solomon, and it is as well interesting to note that Huges du Payan was a direct descendant of King Solomon, so you might say, Huges was recieving his rightful legacy after almost 2000 years, It was this gold that was part of the loot the Knights took back from the Vatican which the Church had Tortured and killed for 300 years earlier.
    Something to ponder, What did Saunier find in Rennes, that substantiated the Claims of this Bloodline, That caused the vatican to allow Saunier pretty much a free lincense. It was not so much gold he found, yes, he did find wealth, but it was Documents and evidence he found that was more devastating to the Church. Documents that told of the Bloodline of Christ, the holy blood. The real divine right to rule bloodline. uh,,, debate it all you wish, never the less, it is true. but hey, I ain't sellin' no books on it. so sheeesh-its already.
    Anyway, that is a side note.
    hippie Digging for Coal Posts: 12Joined: Thu Dec 04, 2003 4:41 pmLocation: New Mexico U.S.
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    Oct 2011
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    any interest in the Challenge ?

    it's something to do ain't it ?

    we can try can't we ?

    tee hee
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    Oct 2011
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    Quote Myself from my 2003 post above ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    " A simple demonstration of the Knowledge that the Grand Masters of the Knights Templar were the inhieritors of is the Fact that they were able to enter King Tuts tomb nearly 900 years ago and remove objects more precious then Gold, without the burden of removing the Mass of stones covering the tomb as did Carter and Canarvon had to remove. ~~~~~~~~~~~ End Quote ~~~~~~~~~~~

    Knights Templar removed the Ark of the Covenant from ,,,, KING TUT'S TOMB ?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's GOLD ,,, that right there ,,, that is beautiful , what Mind can imagine such things up ?

    well , a darn good Fiction Writer .

    who could sell such material ?

    well , producers of shows like History Channel .

    Ok folks
    This is rather revealing , where the genesis lies is the challenge .

    where did such garbage stories as the Knights Templar brought Treasure and stored it here in the West , come from .

    where was it first postulated ?

    who did it and why ?

    well , if I were the first to generate that fiction , I can tell ya why I did it .

    but I won't as yet .

    let's have fun folks
    Let's bust it open .
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    Sep 2016
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    OK Rog, you said you could find nothing in my file. I purposefully keep it that way, how ever in deference to your implied wishes----

    I am 93, Blue/Grey eyes, still have most of my hair and teeth, weigh presently about 140, Was in WWII from pre pearl habor on, no medals for heroism, Spent quite a bit of time in old China (pre communist) Ed up to premed, then about 10 years in the study of the paranormal, served in The US Border Patrol, then into narcotic investigation, USAF Pilot training program, , then explorations in China, Gobi, and Mexico ( Mayan ruins) for which I was voted a member of the elete Explorers club etc, etc

    IQ between 140 and 160 Binet, depending upon how i slept the night before.

    Is there anything else you wish to know, that is pertinent ? OH yes, I like girls

    You posted -- Yeah, Atlantis is real.

    Yer coting picking right it is, and just about where it is supposed to be, off of the coast off Spain,
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    Oct 2011
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    Well ,,, alrighty then ,,,,

    now , want to help with the Challenge ?

    Find an Earlier reference than mine that states Oak Island is a Knights Templar site ??

    as stated man
    I wrote it as fiction ,,,, it took wings ,,, even in this forum .

    I was challenged , so I meet the Challenge with a Challenge .

    As evidence it was fiction , I posted my Fictional account from 2003 .

    from a forum Loki and Finderskeepers were members of , reading my Fiction

    and now ?

    I see Finderskeepers posting threads based on Fiction .

    I know it's fiction , I wrote it , if it's written before 2003 , I'd like to see it .

    I write as Hippie , cynicalabsurdance , roger snow55 , treasure minder , treasminder , cynicalabsurdance2 , as well as " SomeFlack "

    In UFO forums , mind control forums , Conspiracy Forums and in my novels .

    I wrote the fiction these people promote , toooo fuuunnnnyyyyyyy

    understand ?
    The evidence is right there , it's FICTIONAL
    The Knights did not Build Vaults using Golden Mean

    heck , they probably never even cared about Treasure .

    DagobertII indeed ,,, ba waaa haaa haa

    gotta admit , I've had my fun writing on forums .

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    Sep 2016
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Rog, interesting 'cop out'. congratulation
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    Oct 2011
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    I'll leave this Thread up for another week or so .

    I'll wait it out , until we can show pre-text offerings .

    gonna get real chilly in Satans House before that happens .

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    Oct 2011
    651 times

    which of you did this ?

    Ahem ,,, tapatalk ?

    I see my Pepsi Challenge came up zilch so far

    Wolter ?

    Hey Wolter ?

    you can play in here buddy

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    Dec 2015
    45 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    weak people selling Tickets to the Next " KNIGHTS TEMPLAR TREASURE SITE "

    which will just so happen to be in New Mexico at " Treasminder2 " location .

    watch and see if I'm right

    Scott Wolter is trying to figure out right now , how he can claim Jump Treasminder2 's site in the Organ Mountains and
    other New Mexico Mountains .

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    Feb 2019
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote : " by hippie on Thu Dec 04, 2003 5:08 pm Gentlemen
    What Oak Island has is a depository of Knights Templar Articles.
    The Treasure is obtained by entering the shafts and or tunnels.
    The entrance to these tunnels will be found through the leylines of the Golden mean.
    Stones, with drill holes have been found on the island.
    These are your increment stones.
    The holes will be a certain depth
    each inch = 1ft. "

    OMG !

    I remember that Forum and your post .

    That Forum " Oak "
    was run by folks who wished to sell Tour Packages to Tourist LOL

    You posted there for about 20 times
    Then poof you were gone .

    The Theme changed from the Treasure being Pirate to Knights , and all the members were going crazy with Golden Mean
    formulas .

    That forum is still up even . it's a closed site now but you can read most of the Pages .

    Been a Long time Hippie , always enjoyed your writing .
    Thank you Sir .

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    "Is that a Geiger Counter?"

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    Minelab Musketeer Advantage Pro w/8" & 10" DD coils/Fisher F75se(Upgraded to LTD2) w/11" DD, 6.5" concentric & 9.5" NEL Sharpshooter DD coils/Sunray FX-1 Probe & F-Point/Black Widows/Rattler headphone
    14193 times
    Metal Detecting
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    Political correctness is facism pretending to be manners -- George Carlin

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    Dec 2018
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    nice charlie
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    Feb 2019
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie P. (NY) View Post

    Published in 1244 My Ring Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Initiates Ring Order of the Knights Templar 005.JPG 
Views:	446 
Size:	1.16 MB 
ID:	1680616
    Knights Templar Initiates Ring Passed down through my Linage unto me .

    picture taken as I type

    we are not a Lodge to Join

    The Show is a Mockery
    as well as all other Venues that sell fakes for truth

    Ring ; John the Baptist our Patron
    Golden Spiral
    Our True Shield with our True Cross
    Fleur De Leis

    We are Honor , not a T.V. show for Profit
    Thank You Charlie for the Bogus Virtual Box webpage Sir .

    The Book is a Fake
    try to buy it Charlie LOL

    but thanks for the sense of Humor


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