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    Sep 2013
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    Man talk about a post ruining your day/year..wish I had never clicked it.
    There was no g ward, there was applewood hall ( male teens ) then there was birchwood hall ( female teens ) and then there was cottonwood hall where the young children stayed.
    That was called fairlawn center. Adults were housed in the main building Clinton valley center, which was east of Fair lawn.
    I was there, from late 82' to spring of 85', Personally I would not have called it a insane asylum, sure some were off their rockers, but most of us were troubled kids who had drug probs or were just to much of a burden to our parents, so we got dumped there, then to end up wards of the state...in other words your parents lost all rights to their child.
    This is really bringing back a lot of memories I wish I could forget, but now it's fresh again, so I am going to get it off my shoulders.
    I am not calling anybody a fibber, but in my 3 years there, I was never subjected to any kind of ice therapy, nor did any other kid ever mention it, and believe you me if it happened, I would have heard about it, and as for pushing anybody down any stairs, there was one set of stairs near the entrance, but it was only 3 stairs with a drop of about 18 inches, but once you were there as a patient, you were never near the entrance, that's unless you were one of the lucky ones who had a stable family at home and got to go home on a weekend pass.
    Otherwise you spent your time in school in there, and a lot of therapy sessions with your psychology team.
    The one person that mentioned being in solitary for weeks, well, that has to be a Lil unbelievable to me, since I was in those days evil incarnate, yes I spent plenty of time in the quiet room as it was called, with padded walls and a mattress on the floor, but it did have a small window albeit, one covered with thick chicken wire mesh, straight jackets were used, along with a lot of shots of thorazine in your butt cheeks.
    Most of the time I spent there was in the rec room, TV with not much on it, and the other love of my life..a pool table, which after 3 years of daily play, I became quite the player, and still enjoy it today.
    Now things did happen there, that I will surely NEVER forget, and that was the sexual abuse committed by the staff against us kids, I'd not mention their names, and I can clearly remember what they all looked like, as if I'd just seen them yesterday...of course as a child and being told if you ever told anybody, that you would never again see your family, and worse things they would do if you said anything...well needless to say I never said a word, neither did anybody else for that matter, the one comfort I have from that is knowing that God has a special place in hell just for them.
    It was not all bad though, I did make a few friends there, that became lifelong friends.
    Anyway /rant off....sorry I had to let that all out or I may have really gone insane.

    P.S. I'd love to detect there too, though its all homes now.

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    Oct 2013
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    I was at clinton valley fairlawn from 1989 to 1991 that place was truly haunted i seen a lot of things happen there i had nightmares for years after being in this place

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    Nov 2014
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    Dear BC1969,
    My brother in law was in Clinton valley. He would come home on the weekends. My husband was 11 when his brother passed away. I believe it was 1979.
    My husband really doesn't know much about his brother, but I know he idolized him.
    I hope that nothing bad happened to him. From what i hear, which is very little. He could be violent at times.
    I appreciate you letting people know a bit more about Clinton Valley.
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    Sep 2013
    Somewhere directly above the center of the Earth.
    9747 times
    There is a lot I can tell of my time there, I remember those days like they were yesterday. It is hard for me to visit that part of my mind, but if it helps others that wonder what truly happened there, I'll take the pain to help.

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