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Thread: How early can you get in the water? (Brice/Sharps - Lane County)

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    Oct 2014
    Garrett Carrot Pinpointer
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    How early can you get in the water? (Brice/Sharps - Lane County)

    Up for continuing wetsuit sniping and wondering how early the streams in central Oregon warm up to tolerable with either a 2/3 or a 3/4 wetsuit.

    Can anyone offer advice? Seemingly, there are no stream flow/temp gauges for the creeks...
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    Jan 2017
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    It's going to depend a lot on the thickness of the wetsuit. Personally, you wouldn't catch me in mountain creek water in less then a 5mm suit, and that's in the summer. Personal tolerance will be another factor; I'm a cold water wuss. The creeks are been fed by snow melt further up, so how much snow pack is feeding it will also determine how long before it gets tolerable. Depth will be another factor; deeper is colder, and vice verse.

    So with all those variables, it's tough to say, but maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.
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    Oct 2014
    Garrett Carrot Pinpointer
    54 times
    Thanks, Kirk...more what I was looking for was any info on average water temps, flow of creek, etc...

    I'm the impatient type as you all may have guessed, and so I went and did some digging on Google, following trail of breadcrumbs to trail of breadcrumbs until I reached something like a loaf I could dig into. And this is all I found:

    USGS water temperature gauge at Pitcher Creek above Row River/Dorena Lake (a few miles down, but close enough, really)

    Nothing on average snowmelt runoff based on snowpack level, temperature curves month over month by year...you'd think /someone/ would be tracking this stuff, but no.

    Guess I'll have to head out and take my own measurements this spring
    The map is not the territory.
    If we do not act, we are acted upon.

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    You can get in soon after you have possession of an ice axe.
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    Mar 2013
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    In November the 14th of this past year I went in the local lake water wearing my Shorty wet suit, bare legs and neoprene boots. All I could take was about an hour. My hands were numb, and my bare legs didn't like me anymore at all. When the shock finally hits you, it gets pretty painful in that cold water.

    The following week I picked up a full wet suit. And I need gloves.

    Protect yourself!
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    Oct 2014
    Garrett Carrot Pinpointer
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    Hey thanks, Deepseeker. We have full wetsuits (although only the 2/3 as noted right now), hoods, gloves, booties...in short, pretty well prepared, except that when I get in the water and it's too cold, I KNOW it within a few minutes and have to get out. So I feel ya there. Shoveling and sluicing is still possible even when it's icy, but nothing beats immersion and badgering away at a bedrock crevice...IMHO.

    One of my kit investments this winter in prep for next season was an inexpensive pool (water) thermometer. I figure once the water in the gauge above gets above 55 degrees, I'll go for a "taste test."

    Until then, I guess we'll both have to settle for videos of last season! Cheers
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    The map is not the territory.
    If we do not act, we are acted upon.

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    Feb 2006
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    Both Brice and Sharps creeks have snow falling RIGHT NOW. Should turn to rain by about 10am Monday. High will be upper 30s. Get in the water and enjoy.

    Personally, if I am going to be in the water, in the mountains, in winter, it is going to be in a hot spring.

    Time for spiked coffee.
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    Oct 2014
    Garrett Carrot Pinpointer
    54 times
    Oh, I'm not getting into cold mountain creek water anywhere near /now/! Just wondering how early was too early.

    I'm right there with ya, galenrog - hot springs, spiked coffee, and snow drifting down while I stew in a hot pot is the way to go this time of year.

    And HA! Behold:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	graph.png 
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    The map is not the territory.
    If we do not act, we are acted upon.

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    Aug 2017
    Central Oregon.
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    I spent some winter time diving Under the Ice helping a friend on the feather river dredge some big Nuggets, we had a Hot water setup and pumped warm water into our wet suits, 4 of us taking turns diving, that cold water will wear you out fairly fast. dry suit might be a way to go, Ti lined.

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    Jan 2012
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    I wear a 7mm 2piece farmer john - with 7mm gloves and 7mm boots - I can hunt in cold waters year round
    I usually get tired before I get cold - usually 2-3 hrs
    depends if sun is out too
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