help me make a choice, or i may get all 3
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    Sep 2006
    west virginia (wayne)
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    help me make a choice, or i may get all 3

    ok, here are my choices.
    1. Tesoro Deleon, gently used. $325.00, from a reputable dealer.

    2. Whites DFX 300, 2yrs old, used only one time. it was purchased by an elderly woman who, in her words,"had to have one". used it one time, it beeped alot but didnt find anything. It has a bullseye probe, digging tools, etc. asking $1000.00 and is willing to take payments.

    3. Vision Pro XJ9 treasure Hunter, asking $100.00, like new.

    my favorite, obviously is #2, but I have read alot of good stuff about #1. #3 is only 100 bucks.
    if i had the money, i'd just get all three tp add to my colllection.

    What to do? what to do?? lets hear from the experts................

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    da book worm--researcher

    Feb 2007
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    Re: help me make a choice, or i may get all 3

    #1 is a reasonible solid choice -- #2 sounds good if you can swing the deal over time with granny --#3 if you can't do #1 or #2

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    May 2003
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    Re: help me make a choice, or i may get all 3

    My 2 cents is that:

    #1 is the best choice of the 3 you listed.

    #2 is over priced and you can do 2 or 3 hundred better than that price by looking around on the buy and sell forum on this site or on one of the other national detecting sites. I've seen them for $800 or so in some dealer's used inventory and a lot of them will work with you on an instalment plan too.

    #3 don't bother. There is a lot of uneven quality with these units so some are ok but some are junk - you are playing roulette with your money on this one. If money is real tight and you get a chance to test the particular unit you are buying in a test garden so you can be sure you are getting an ok one then maybe, but I wouldn't buy one without giving it a good test first.

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    Sep 2006
    White's V3, Minelab Explorer II & XP Deus.
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    Re: help me make a choice, or i may get all 3

    If you ask me it depends on what kind of hunting your up to.
    Try to be more specific what needs and expectations you have.
    Geologists are gneiss, tuff, and a little wacke.

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    Dec 2008
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    Re: help me make a choice, or i may get all 3

    HI Yucon Cornelious.
    The DFX 300 is the best of the detectors you have listed for coin and jewellery detecting and will perform better at the beach than the other two, but at 1000 bucks, is a bit over priced.

    The Tesoro is a great coin and jewellery machine and will live up to Tesoro,s great name. It will be a bit chattery at the beach. Set the sens between 4 and 8 and it will be ok. Good value at 325.00

    The XJ9 will be hopeless in mineralised ground and noisy on saltwater beaches. This detector has a lot of good features but what good is that if the machine does not perform well. For me it can be too noisy (falsing all of the time).

    These detectors are primarily for coin and jewellery hunting

    Adrian SS



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