Teknetics "Alpha" review
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    Teknetics "Alpha" review

    Teknetics has a cult following for its top-of-the-line T2 detector.
    Teknetics also has other models, such as the Omega 8000, and the entry level Alpha.

    I saw a Teknetics Alpha on sale for a reasonable price and took a chance.

    The first thing I noticed is how light and easy to use it is.
    For most of the detectors I've bought, weight is the least of my concerns,
    but as I get older and spend several hours at a time detecting, this light
    weight really becomes a valued feature.
    The next thing is the sensitivity adjustment. There are five levels
    and the top three produce so much chatter and false signals that
    they are essentially useless for detecting. I've kept it on the 2nd level,
    which works well. I found after a while I could put it at the higher
    third level but you have to learn to ignore the occasional spurious
    false signals, and verify every "hit" with 2 or 3 passes to ensure
    it's a genuine target. The depth is great. I am pleasantly surprised
    how easy it is to use and it's effective depth.

    There are 8 bands of discrimination (compared to 12 on the Garrett
    Ace 250) so not the greatest resolution. It has very clear, easily
    learned musical tones which correspond to the 8 bands, and
    fast recovery time after passing over a low-grade target.

    I quickly settled in to digging only the highest pitched signals,
    and that worked quite well. I intend to keep the machine for
    our clubs seeded hunts: The quick recovery time and the light weight
    make it ideal for such uses, AND I enjoy having a back-up
    machine for emergencies, and for teaching the grandchildren.

    All-in-all, a really nice machine for just over $100 used.
    In this world of trouble and strife,
    bring some peace to someone's life



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