Newforce R1 or CS 1220 R???
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    Feb 2006
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    Newforce R1 or CS 1220 R???

    Have thinked so much that my brains are boiling. First I thougth that I would by a Minelab Quattro but it slow recovery while sweeping made me think again. And I think that I should buy a detector wich is manufactured in European conditions and tested too. I think C. Scopes are more suitable for Finland nature. I mostly hunt in the wood wheres hard ground and coins are founded deep. Mostly hunt coins, searching that old coin cache. Hunt relicss too. Alsoy trying to hunt fields and farms.

    Does R1 go much deeper that CS 1220? Are there differences in sweeping speeds? Should I still consider Quattro
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    Oct 2005
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    Re: Newforce R1 or CS 1220 R???

    Quattro has all the disadvantages of the Explorer range without the pluses.
    The C-Scope range are limited by the lack of coils. If you fancy the R1 type I would get a Spectrum or XLT. More coils from many different manufactures. Better weight/balance. Similar performance but I can get more depth from the Whites on most sites due to the far larger range of adjustments.
    The CS 1220 is a fairly old design that can beat many more expensive motion machines. It was improved up to the XDP model then they went digital(1220R). This is lighter, very well built, excellent IF you can get one that works. I've tried two. Both didn't seem to like hot weather and the iron I.D. was worse than with the older models. So if you thinking of one of these either get an older version with the analogue meter or go to a dealer and try the new model out before parting with any money.
    Really a non motion meter discriminator like the 1220's is what you need but a light weight motion option is an XP. The lower frequency models ADX 200 up to GMaxx might be better than the higher frequency Goldmaxx's. The GMaxx has an all metal mode with iron discrim. by tone (or normal discrimination). The 1220 has an all metal primary search mode with ferrous discrimination on the meter (only ferrous discrimination, though silver foil can be identified by the audio output being compared to the amount of meter deflection).
    Depth R1 v 1220. The 1220 is searching in all metal at all times so you go deep but deeper than the discrimination. On the earlier models you either got a positive ferrous or non-ferrous meter deflection or no or little meter movement. In this case you just take off a few inches of soil, stick the coil in the hole (which is small as no movement is needed) and see if you get a positive reading. The R1 is easier to use with good depth whilst discriminating at the same time but can have you missing good items like all motion machines if you place to much trust in the meter.
    Sweep speeds average with XP or R1. You can be stationary with the 1220's, medium or fast, its very forgiving.



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