I am not trying to open an old wound but....
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    Dec 2006
    Paris, Tn.
    Teknetics T2

    I am not trying to open an old wound but....

    I am not trying to open an old wound but i have read a lot of the posts on the teknetics T2 and all of the bad publicity give to Bounty hunter. I would like to share my experience with the Bounty Hunter detectors. I started md'ing @ 1979 and i upgraded from the one button BH detector and 3 other models until I finally got one of their ID/Depth machines. I found a lot of coins and other stuff with them. I quit detecting for about 10 years due to several reasons but I ended up with a Garrett Treasure Ace and I was hooked again!! I ordered a Ace 250 and It was a very good machine but i wasn't finding andy silver coins at a location i knew had silver. I purchased a White's Prizm Iv with some Christmas money ( only detector available locally ) but still no silver. I thought, well if i go back to Bounty Hunter i will at least be familiar with the operation of the detector. I purchased a BH Time Ranger and I started finding more coins at my spot and on the 1st day a 1938d Merc. The next trip i only had 45 minutes for lunch...a 1943p wartime nickel. Then this last saturday i left with a 1948 roosevelt dime. I believe that every area and every one is different and what works for you may not work for the next person. I am in the process of purchasing a T2 because i like some of the features that it has, I am sure that it isn't perfect but i also believe that all detectors have drawbacks. Wish me luck with the T2 and I wish the same for all of you!!


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    May 2006

    Re: I am not trying to open an old wound but....

    I believe the user of a machine make the most difference on finds.You have to use what you will most conformable with.
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    Jan 2007
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    Re: I am not trying to open an old wound but....

    I had a Bounty Hunter many years ago, and used it for about 4 years, and though it was a good machine I wanted a newer machine.
    I bought a Fisher and though it was a good detector, it wasn't to my liking. (had it 3 weeks)

    I got a White's, liked it and after 16 years, just upgraded to the White's M6. This is my 5th White's. If you like Bounty Hunters, stick with them.

    Do you know what it is all about??-------Happy Hunting !!!!

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    Aug 2005
    In Michigan now.
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    Re: I am not trying to open an old wound but....

    It is all about having fun out there and maybe finding some good stuff. If BH's light our fire, good for you. Just hope you never have to have service. But then You might get lucky, some haven't been.
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