Has "El Doraldo" finally been found (Ecuador) ?
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Thread: Has "El Doraldo" finally been found (Ecuador) ?

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    Has "El Doraldo" finally been found (Ecuador) ?

    “Lost” 300-Year Old Map Holds Key to Massive Gold Discovery

    Has the mythical “El Dorado” finally been found?

    While films such as the “”Lost City of Z” have captured Hollywood’s imagination, one Canadian geologist’s discovery of two “cities of gold” is firmly grounded in science.
    Dr. Keith Barron, who first heard of the lost cities while studying Spanish back in 1998, recently found several key documents that all seem to pinpoint the same location: a patch of land in Ecuador nearly 12 times larger than Washington, D.C.
    “Our research shows overwhelmingly that (the gold cities) existed,” says Barron.
    The work Barron has done to uncover these lost cities reads like a modern-day Da Vinci code…

    • In 1998, he learned about the “lost” cities by chance, as he was rooming with professor Octavio Latorre . Latorre, now 87, was a historian who’d done work for the Ecuadorian President, preserving old documents that cite ancient “gold cities” sought by the conquistadors.
    • After he’d drained all his life savings in search of the lost cities, Barron called his dad from Las Vegas and secured a $200,000 loan to continue his work.
    • In 2004, while rummaging through New York Public Library’s rare book section, Barron found a map from 1574 called the “Gold Regions of Peru.”
    • Two years later, Barron stumbled onto the massive “Fruta del Norte” gold deposit… the biggest gold discovery in the history of Ecuador. The company Barron formed to explore Fruta eventually sold for $1.2 Billion, netting Barron a reported $96 million. (An accomplishment that would earn him Norther Miner’s “Man of the Year” award in 2008.)
    • In 2015, he found an ancient manuscript housed in the Vatican that was believed to be lost for 300 years. “It has mentions of gold from all over the Spanish Empire,” according to Barron.
    • And, just recently, he got a hold of a map of the region drawn by the U.S. Armed Forces over 15 years ago but that has only just now been made publicly available.

    All these documents (and more) seem to point to a remote region of Ecuador called “Logroņo de los Caballeros” (or “Logroņo of the Knights,” after the Knights Templar ) as the location of a lost Incan treasure.
    Not for the Faint of Heart

    The area, however, is notoriously dangerous. On top of housing the Jivaroan tribe -known for head-hunting and head-shrinking-locals can often be hostile.
    Says Barron, “On many occasions I was personally threatened… Sometimes through a loudspeaker mounted on a car, sometimes in press, and often on the radio where I was called a ‘narco-trafficante’ (Drug Lord!)”
    Searching for lost treasure is often a deadly endeavor.
    While President Hoover owed most of his fortune to gold mining … history also offers cautionary tales.
    For example, Percy Fawcett, the legendary British explorer believed to be the real-life inspiration for Indiana Jones , went missing in 1925 in search of a “lost city of Z.” And before Fawcett, Portuguese explorers risked their lives to find it as early as 1753 (now cataloged in Brazil’s “Manuscript 512”).
    But the bounty may be worth the risk.
    Tales of Incan gold sometimes defy belief…
    ➢Two years ago, a Spanish Galleon was found off the coast of Colombia with gold believed to be worth as much as $17 billion.
    ➢History also tells us of such places as Lake Guatavita, a small lake where Incans would hold “Holy” gold processions, dumping scores of gold and silver ornaments into the lake.
    In fact, even Hitler’s photographer, Hans Ertl, fled to Bolivia in search of gold. He claimed to have discovered “Atlantis” back in 1954.
    But now Barron is on the hunt.
    And, now, he’s staked out the entire 200,000-hectare region where the lost cities are likely located…And, get this…
    He’s the only man allowed to search the area for gold!
    That’s because Barron paid Ecuador’s government almost $2 million to secure the exclusive rights to explore the land.
    He’s exploring the area after the government of Ecuador recently lifted a 6-year ban on exploration
    And he’s not the only one making his way to Ecuador.
    Ecuador Opening its Doors

    Billionaire Gina Rinehart, crowned “world’s richest woman” in 2012, is in talks with the country to start exploring through her company, Hancock Prospecting Pty.
    In fact, Ecuador has become a lot friendlier to miners since the price of oil has come splashing down.
    On top of lifting the ban on exploration (law #2016-002) they’ve also banned the use of the popular digital currency Bitcoin (through Article 99), which is often believed to be a competitor to gold.
    Will Barron find his “Holy Grail”? Has he found the lost Cities of Sevilla and Logrono c.a. 1599?
    Based on his track record, it is certainly possible.
    But Barron also has a personal reason to find the lost cities:
    “Professor Latorre just turned 87 last week. He was all fired up when I spoke to him recently… He wants us to find it and this is, certainly, his baby … He says he isn’t passing on until we’ve found them. ”
    Barron is searching for the lost Incan gold through his company, Aurania Resources (ARU.V).
    Only time will tell if Barron will find his mythical gold stash. But if he does, this may be a case where Hollywood actually does come to life.
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