Searching the beaches of Rio
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    Searching the beaches of Rio

    I will soon be in Rio de Janeiro and would like to purchase a detector and start beach combing there. My local contact in Rio says she has never seen anyone doing this on Rio beaches.

    Does anyone know anything about laws prohibiting it or is it just not fashionable there (yet)?


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    Re: Searching the beaches of Rio

    From all I hear about Rio, your greatest concern chould be the street kids and cowboys = bandits. They walk up to you and rob you then and there. Could be the same on the beach where your M/D will change hands. Be careful.
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    Re: Searching the beaches of Rio

    just got back from Fortaleza brasil..2nd largest city there...3rd time down there....i believe that where there are rich tourists..there is lost jewelry...never saw anyone detecting there...and thought about how it would be to detect the beaches....he is would have an entourage of about 20 people follow you around..especially young people...homeless and poor...and this is a good thing...give them a reale or two apiece and you would have the perfect body guards for the rest of the day...they would love ya...

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    Re: Searching the beaches of Rio

    Go early in the morning, when no one is around.
    In my experience on Venezuelan beaches, if you go later during the day I did find myself being followed by bunches of people.
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    Re: Searching the beaches of Rio

    My ship made a port visit in Rio on our way around South America for our homeport change from Norfolk, VA to Yokosuka, Japan. I hung out quite a bit on Ipanema and Copacabana beaches and honestly, I don't think I would have the balls to detect there. There are a lot of people there who will rob you and the little kids, despite what somebody said previously, don't give them anything. Soon as you do, they tell their friends and now they are ALL following you begging for everything. They are never satisfied and don't believe they will be your bodyguards. We had little kids walking up to our sailors while they were at ATM's and push a razorblade into their back and rob them...I'm talking about 8 year olds here. Gangs of them!

    That said, if you and a few friends stuck together there is less chance of that happening. On Copacabana beach is where the world famous Copacobana Palace is. It's a hotel where all the famous people stay when they visit. I went inside and toured it and seriously, I didn't want to touch anything. Even the paint on the walls cost more than my life. LOL. I could see how there would be a lot of good stuff to find as long as you go with a group and are always watching your back.
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    Re: Searching the beaches of Rio

    Heh.... Wow... I never thought about being robbed while detecting.. thanks for the advice..

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    The time you MD may be the answer......early morning.........stay in areas with people and nice hotels likely have security



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