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    Mar 2007
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    Looking for places to find gold in colorado state near wet mountain

    just looking for places anyone might now about near wetmore colorado. i am kind of new to the gold finding bit but i try. i am living in wetmore colorado and am looking for anywhere near here i have not been able to find anything for this area that anyone has found anything here. if anyone does have any info that would be great.

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    May 2005
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    Re: Looking for places to find gold in colorado state near wet mountain

    contact your Colorado department of Natureal resources and they should have a list of publications ava. to you. the main list or catalog of publications should be free to you. some of the articals/publications/reports are free and some cost a minimal amount. this is ava. for/from all states. then you can start your research for gold.

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    Nov 2005
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    Re: Looking for places to find gold in colorado state near wet mountain


    Northwest of you the Arkansas River flows generally in an eastward direction. Much gold was found along the river, from the Royal Gorge all of the way to Leadville. Many tributaries to the Ark have gold too. There is public land interspersed with a lot of private along the length of the river - respect private property! GPPA has several claims, and there is a BLM site called Cache Creek where you can prospect.

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    Mar 2011
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    Re: Looking for places to find gold in colorado state near wet mountain

    Don't waste your time with Cache Creek unless you just want to camp and drink beer. It's a great place to network (meet other prospectors) and the guy at the gate has plenty of equipment he'll let you operate for a percentage of your gold. Unfortunately, there isn't much gold at Cache Creek worth finding. Most of it is very fine gold with a couple of small flakes thrown in to every five gallon bucket of dirt you smash out of the tightly packed gravel and earth tailing piles with a pick and shovel. It's an incredible amount of backbreaking work for "little or nothing".

    One gal (the teenage daughter of the gate keeper) did find a small nugget dubbed the "Christmas Tree" nugget that was worth about $250 dollars. Never saw anything close to that found again in the three weeks i was there. No surprise the people running the place know the best place to dig.

    I did hear one story from a local fella (old guy), who said there is a creek at Twin Lakes close to Cache Creek on the East side of the mountain where he used to pan. Claimed there is 10 X as much gold in this creek as there is at Cache Creek. Said it was bigger gold too. I never located the creek. I could only spend about 30 minutes looking for it because my partner was driving and he has the patience of a three year old. Anyway, Good Luck.

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    May 2005
    St. Louis, missouri
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    Re: Looking for places to find gold in colorado state near wet mountain

    ive seen a lot of places just like that,but thats why its called prospecting.

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    Mar 2008
    colorado springs, co
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    Re: Looking for places to find gold in colorado state near wet mountain

    Cache Creek is a good place to find gold. Quite a bit was found there last summer. There should be some new rules or regulations in effect by the time it opens.

    When spring gets here you can try the Wild Cherry, Rito Alto and maybe the Cotton Creek areas ( if there are no active claims on Cotton Creek ). These areas are on the other side of the Sangre de Cristo mountains off of road AA. Mostly silver and some copper was found in these areas but sometimes a pocket of gold was found. Wilderness area isn't too far up so be aware of the lines in there.

    Try Coloradogoldcamp forum for info. on a new Club in the Twin Lakes area. Also GPOC.com for a Colorado Springs Club.

    Point Bar on the Arkansas River is BLM and a lot of fine gold there. Be aware there are private claims on either side of Point Bar but is a good place to learn and usually folks around to help with any questions.

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    Jun 2007
    Simi Valley California
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    Re: Looking for places to find gold in colorado state near wet mountain

    Anything up near LaVita/Cuchara area? My parents live there and I go once a year and will try panning behind my parents house in the Cuchara river.

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    Jan 2010
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    New regulations for 2012 went in for Cache Creek - no motorized equipment allowed - It used to be possible to high-bank here, but a lot of people were not responsible and left the area in a state of chaos (lots of huge deep holes and trash) and there were some altercations there as well. Its now restricted to panning and river fed sluicing, and nothing else. I suspect if you had a recirculating (electric/battery powered) unit that never entered the creek (you can get buckets of water from the creek), you might be able to use it.

    Many places in Colorado are putting restrictions on gas powered pumps in recreational mining rigs - keep that in mind if you are planning on buying anything (High Banker/Dredge) to work in Colorado with. Claims on private land (you need permission to work these) don't have the same restrictions, however, you may still need a permit from the BLM to do anything. They don't want the oil and related polutants in the streams.

    Colorado tends to have much more very fine gold than anything else - you don't want the water moving too fast in your sluice, otherwise it will just wash out of it. Fine gold can float on top of the water (surface tension) - this is the stuff that is hard to hang on to, but it does eventually add up if you can capture it.
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