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    Apr 2012
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    Smile South Dakota gold

    Hi,just want say first .this is quite the site.Ive been metal detecting for years here in n.e. Kansas.have found some cool stuff.
    Now I'm interested in prospecting,panning for gold.My son and I are going to the Badlands National forest in may.Ive been doing a little research found some info.Is there any where I can get a map the claims in that area.I saw a couple of places I could buy them .Does the BLM site have maps ?Its kind of hard to navigate that site.Are there still places that are open or is it going to be hard to find some where that's not claimed .I figured with the price of gold so high there might be alot of places claimed.I thought a about joining the GPAA,but just not sure if it would be worth it.Im sure not looking to get rich, just want to have some fun with my son.Any info would be appreciated . Thanks

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    Feb 2010
    Black Hills, South Dakota
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    Hi Scott7,
    I assume you mean the Black Hills National Forest and not Badlands. Two separate places. There really isn't any place that gives real good accurate claim locations. There are areas open for prospecting and open to claim. I would be very leary about buying any claims on line. There has been a real problem here with companies from Hawaii and Minnesota selling claims they don't own or have cross filed on. You could get shot at if you bought a cross filed claim and the real owner caught you on it.
    I would suggest you join the GPAA. It is money well spent and you will have hundreds of places to mine legally. The GPAA has 4 claims in the Black Hills and some of them have been producing pretty good gold the last couple of years. I have a claim that borders one of their better claims. If you have any more questions feel free to send me a pm.

    Good Luck!!

    B H Prospector

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    I agree. The little money spent will pay back handsomely in time and aggravation saved. You just might meet a few guys that could really help you out as well.

    Disclosure: I'm not a member, but would join in your situation.

    Have fun!
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