A question about panning on steep creeks.
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Thread: A question about panning on steep creeks.

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    Feb 2020
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    A question about panning on steep creeks.

    I was panning today on a steep Creek that also pumps pretty heavy during the flooding season. Do creeks like this yield decent gold, or is the water just too powerful, so that the only thing left over is flood gold?
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    Welcome to the site...

    First question would be; Is there gold in the area?

    You'll find flood gold if it's in the first few inches of material, but
    if you're finding gold deeper among the larger rocks then the odds
    of decent gold being found are much better.

    Even in powerful waters, there are still eddy's around larger boulders,
    there's spaces between the rocks, etc.

    Any pictures of the area?
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    Feb 2020
    Placer county, CA
    Minelab GM1000
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    Thank you Dizz. I can take some pics next time I go there. I have found some fine gold and one larger flake that was pretty cool, but just still started wondering if I should try to find a flatter area.

    There is a part of the creek with larger boulders in it, but it's also covered with a lot of overburden. Maybe I'll try to work that area anyways next time.
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    I would guess that on the steep part that it would be best to try to get deep down in some cracks in bedrock.
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    If the creek is steep then I assume that it is fed by nearby mountains.
    The fact that you have found gold is a good sign. Gold will always find it's way into cracks and crevices no matter how fast the flow.

    Think in geological time. Prospect the banks and high benches as well, always a possibility that the creek has changed course over time.
    Remember, the good gold has been waiting for you to find it for millions of years.

    Go for the Gold
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