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Thread: Camp Michaux Cumberland County

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    Camp Michaux Cumberland County

    Farm / CCC Camp S-51-PA Co.329/ Pine Grove Prisoner of War Camp / Church Camp


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    Re: Camp Michaux Cumberland County

    That's a great web site...lots of good detail and history.
    And it's all overgrown now? If it is....that's a relic hunters paradise.


    Ps...the music was a nice touch.
    I think...therefore I am.

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    Jul 2006
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    Re: Camp Michaux Cumberland County

    Hey Jeff - That would make a great group hunt area.

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    Sep 2008
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    Re: Camp Michaux Cumberland County

    How funny! While doing some local research this Camp was also posted on a webpage I visited yesterday. I didn't check out the link for the Camp, but when I saw this post I figured I would to see if there would be any information for the people in that area. Well did I get a surprise and will pass the link onto all of you in that area.

    There are hand drawn maps, topo maps, old pictures from the Camp.

    The web site has alot of information and is long, but it was very interesting.



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    Dec 2007
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    Re: Camp Michaux Cumberland County

    I hunted this exact camp last year..only found new pop cans an beer cans... also you will need permission to hunt from the state or you'll get a 1000.00 digging fine oh one more thing ran into a bear up there too!
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    Apr 2012
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    I took the tour of Camp Michaux offered today by Dave Smith of the
    Cumberland County Historical Society in conjunction
    with the events at nearby Pine Grove Furnace State Park.

    Cumberlink.com: Cumberland County Historical Society to host special event

    Dave and his fellow volunteers have done a remarkable job
    clearing brush, creating trails and producing a tourguide of the site
    where only foundations of buildings remain.

    This is a remote site on Michaux State Forest land and the current
    guidelines for digging are here:

    "Metal Detectors on SFL

    "The use of a metal detector on State Forest land does not currently require a permit. The digging for metal objects is restricted to shallow surface disturbance using a hand trowel or other similar narrow probing device such as a screwdriver. Be sure to fill in any spots where you create a small hole or divot with your digging tool.

    "The use of a metal detector and the related digging is not permitted within the boundaries of designated Natural and Wild Areas. Also, probing is not permitted under the surface of the water in a pond, lake or stream on state forest lands. Any archaeological salvage project sites are off limits to probing for any reason.

    "Persons seeking to find historical artifacts on public land must obtain permission to do so from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Anyone who finds an 'Archaeological Specimen' on state forest land is required to surrender the item at the local district office. Such items remain the exclusive property of the Commonwealth under the authority of the Historic Preservation Act."

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    Sep 2010
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    Mar 2010
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    Been there, hunted it hard for the past five years or so, not much in the finds department. A state forest ranger observed us once and said nothing of our activity. On the good side, the historical society is trying to reclaim the grounds, cutting out brush, they have opened up some areas. Most I have found there is some wheats, a war nickel, an army pants button to mention of. There is a pond/dam that was once a swimming area, I worked the beach area and came up empty. I have always thought a water detector might get lucky, though there is a good bit of sediment. I think there are native trout in the pond. Pack a lunch, there is nothing in the area and you will most like spend all day, I have, dawn to dusk, just crazy I believe. Of course the Pine Grove Bandit hunts there, thats another story, he will have to tell it.

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    Jan 2017
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    I live close to it. found some military rifle casings... small mule shoes... and pieces of the old gates. I love detecting creek beds. I couldn't believe I detected the creek from the dam to the road, and didn't have one hit! not one!the AP trail runs through it.... a lot of strange people stop and watch....a lot! lol
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