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    Vibra-I king 730 , a PI to test....... my first pinpointer.

    .....With a plethora of pinpointers to purchase , I thought I would try a middle of the road price point pulse induction from Vibra-iking, model #730. The company products intrigued me with a number of features or , lack thereof ...... communicates by VIBRATION ONLY....no lights or "beeps" , the Pulse Induction , frequency unknown , is claimed to allow work in salt water or any kind of soil including black sand , detects ONLY at the tip , NO CONTROLES with no adjustments of any kind , claimed to be waterproof to 100 feet , no O-rings (has a unique battery compartment/body expanding plug) , no on/off switch to fail (tilt skyward to turn ON , point up again to turn OFF with vibration conformation) , Auto Off(fixed time, 1 min.after last detection) , runs on a single 9V battery hooked to a standard battery clip....no Springs , claimed weight without battery=230 grams(8.113 oz.) , 1year warranty and a decent holster.
    The Chinese company TianXun claims to be the "originators of the vibrating pinpointer" with a few different models , all waterproof. This model 730 is in the $80 range...seems solid in my hand with good vibration felt even held with only two fingers through gloves. The tip measures appx. 2.5cm/1" and the whole unit is 14" long and is fitted with a dense foam hand grip. And Instructions in real English.
    Initial air test ..... straight at the tip STAINLESS 3/4" disk, 1st reaction ~3". Side of tip , ~2.5"
    Initial air test ..... straight at the tip clad copper penny, 1st reaction ~2" . Side of tip , ~3\4"
    Initial air test ..... straight at the tip clad US nickel ~2" , side of tip ~1.25"
    " " " ..... " " " " clad US quarter ~2.5" , side of tip ~3/4" to ~1"(dependant of year)
    *.I don't have silver, gold or larger coins for further testing available.*
    I will update this post as real-time testing/usage commences.

    NOTE; I have no experience with a pinpointer and I am not affiliated with this manufacturer.

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    Largely regarded as junk- perhaps your experience will be better. A knockoff of the Vibra-Tector 740. A good exercise - check the reviews on Amazon from other purchasers. Best of luck! And hey- if it works it's all good right?

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    I had looked at the different Vibra models as above, and was very interested with the capabilities i.e. the price, but the waterproof thing was a factor. Let us know how it works over time

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    Had a Vibraprobe 460. Second year I had it the vibrations became so weak you could not feel them. The unit would only made a weak buzzing sound. The darn thing was potted with epoxy and not repairable. I've had a TinyTec, Harbor Freight, Pistol Probe, and a Garrett Pro AT. The Pistol Probe is very good, however the handle/case looks like a a pistol and twice I have to explain it to the cops. Even put yellow reflective tape around the barrel to make it look different. Very happy with the Garrett Pro AT so far.



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