Comparing a few PPs.
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    Oct 2020
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Comparing a few PP's.

    I'm searching for a PP. (Pin-pointer)
    I've been reading in the forums and so far the most recommended Pinpointers are the Garrett AT pro aka carrot, the more expensive Nokta PulseDive and the older original Nokta Pinpointer and a few others mentioned below.

    The PulseDive I don't care for since I won't be using the Nokta wireless headphones. It is a great feature because it also pairs with your wireless headphones simultaneously and eliminates any interference.

    But I hear the updated Simplex+ firmware now has a mute option so any other PP won't be an issue with interference.

    The PulseDive is very bulky as well and more expensive than the other PP I looked into. ($160)

    I read that the original Nokta PP ($85) has great depth and never fails.
    Problem is that it's only waterproof for a few feet from what I read. Some say 3' some say 10' not even sure.

    The Carrot AT ($127) is the most recommended but many people have problems with it. It gets chirpy, need to shut it on and off, need to place a coin to improve battery contact, and or stops working after a few years. But Garrett has great customer service and even if you're out of the 2 year warranty they will fix it for $28.
    Still most people swear by it.
    I'm still not convinced on the Carrot but I may end up getting one anyways. Especially since it's waterproof up to 10'

    I've read about Dr. Otek and it seems like a great pp for under $50 but I feel like it lacks in depth. Especially after a yt review I saw.

    The cheapest one that gets mentioned a lot is the GP2 from SHRXY ($30) I forgot the name but it's a newer version of a cheap one. Not sure of it's specs but I read some people use it.
    Goes for around $30 and many say it's a great buy for the price.

    The TRX ($149) I won't buy at the moment because White's ownership limbo.

    A guy that did a ton of research went with the XP-Mi-4 ($119) but I haven't seen anyone else mention that PP.

    The Fisher F-Pulse ($129) performs great but
    I looked it up and don't like the fact that it's only waterproof up to 6'.
    That's ridiculous when my Simplex+ is rated 10' and PP in the same price range are waterproof up to 3-6 meters.

    Honestly speaking I probably would never go deeper than 3-4 feet but with rough waves that can easily double.
    I wouldn't want a PP to crap out with water damage because I went over by a foot.

    What are your thoughts.
    I don't care for rechargeable or wireless pairing features. Nor where it's made since I contribute enough to the economy.
    I'm more interested in it's performance.
    I already experienced that my new detector goes deep, found some items almost 2' down. (Liquor caps and soda cans)
    I will mainly be hunting on the beach sand, shallow ocean water and occasionally on grassy field's.

    Plus my scoop can help get the object out of the sand, I just want a PP to speed things up and avoid the extra fatigue.

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    Jan 2017
    Grants Pass, Oregon
    Garrett A3B United States Gold Hunter, GTA 1000, AT Pro, Discovery Treasure Baron "Gold Trax", Minelab X-Terra 70, Safari, & EQ 800.
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I always went back to the Garrett, as with detectors, everybody has a model or brand they prefer, with pinpointers, I now stay with my tried and true Garretts.



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