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    Aug 2003
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    cash for gold

    Anyone do this cash for gold thing ? Looks like a good way to sell junk. They send a kit and all for shipping.

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    Feb 2005
    Menominee, Michigan
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    Re: cash for gold

    midwest refineries pays 96% ibelieve
    where's the good stuff

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    Feb 2008
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    Re: cash for gold

    cash for gold is a rip-off outfit.

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    Mar 2008
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    Re: cash for gold

    Quote Originally Posted by markmopar
    cash for gold is a rip-off outfit.
    Why do you say that?
    (More info please).
    Nothing stated may be true as far as we know
    Seek professional advice. Some items are limited
    Not available in all states. Illigitimi non carborundum. Carpe oro.

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    Jul 2008
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    Re: cash for gold

    Quote Originally Posted by greydigger
    Quote Originally Posted by markmopar
    cash for gold is a rip-off outfit.
    Why do you say that?
    (More info please).
    Saw this on news the other day.It's a no no!!!!!Yes a rip off.No proof of the amount of weight of gold you sent.
    They can say in was just gold plated,or fake.No proof of what was actually in envelope when arrived to them!!!
    A losing battle.Go to local gold dealer.And check market price before you go.
    **The squeaky wheel may get the oil,but if it squeaks to much it gets replaced!"

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    Aug 2005
    In Michigan now.
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    Re: cash for gold

    cash for gold is a rip-off outfit.

    Why do you say that?
    (More info please).
    It is true as was stated above. There is no statement to what amount they are paying per ounce, nor proper weight. Midwest Refineries pays 94% of the spot price the day it is melted. You weigh it before sending it in to get an idea of it's value. When they melt it a sample is taken to determine it's purity and a check is cut or order for gold coins or what ever is filled. http://www.midwestrefineries.com/

    I stopped at one place that advertised in the paper as buying gold and asked them what percent of spot they were paying per gram. They looked at me funny and asked what spot was..........I just walked out. Some ole lady that needs to sell her ring to pay for heat is just going to get ripped off by these jerks.

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    Aug 2003
    8 times

    Re: cash for gold

    Midwest looks good if you can get through the do's and don't.

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    Apr 2005
    Southeastern Ireland
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    Re: cash for gold

    Quote Originally Posted by elkman13
    Midwest looks good if you can get through the do's and don't.
    I've only stricktly delt with Midwest and have always been happy. These companies are in businessto make money, and they do, but I find I get about the same from Midwest as I would selling myself on ebay. At least Midwest doesn't charge a refining fee like some of them do.
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    Nov 2007
    Lycomming Co Pa
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    Re: cash for gold

    I sent in some gold to the cash for gold that advertises on tv and I weighed it and knew what I had . Well they sent me a check for $17.00 I was dumfounded as I sent them $75.00 worth and I Emailed them and asked what they was trying to pull and they said if I was not happy to send the check back and they would return my gold so I did and I then took it locally and was offered $87.00 for it. I emailed them back with the results and told them I would never do buisness with them as I do not deal with crooks. so BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!! of the ones who want yo to send it in as you are better to ask arround and deal locally and face to face .

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    Jun 2005
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    Re: cash for gold

    I used American Recycling Associates in Dallas, TX. Very happy with the transaction. 98% of market. They even give the option to watch the market and settle when ready.

    I weighed everything segregated by karat and used an on-line calculator to figure the value at the current market rate. I received a little more than I had figured. Transaction was complete within a week.

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    Apr 2008
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    Re: cash for gold

    Didn't you see the thread on this already? It is about two down from this one.

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    Dec 2003
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    Re: cash for gold

    As they told the News Reporter.

    They Never say they pay good Prices.

    All they say is they Buy Gold.

    You can put an add in the paper and offer people $1.00 apiece for class rings
    & not be breaking the law. even though you would
    be looked at as a Thief, If Somone is stupid enough to sell theirs for a dollar
    no law was broken. other then the law of Common Decency.

    They don't say what they are paying so they have to
    give a grace period for returns.

    They are out to get rich off the Uninformed
    Just like Home shopping & Those at National Mint
    selling 911 Tokens & Fake Silver $20.00 Bills.

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    Dec 2008
    199 times

    Re: cash for gold

    I sent some scrap to Midwest Refineries a while back--thought I had done my homework well and chose them because they DO claim 96% return. Well, I received a check for about 84%, and when I inquired, the said it was because the gold was not "plumb", and because of all the extra weight in the springs of the necklaces! Yeah, right! When I told them I was reporting them to Atty General and BBB,they sent me an additional $1000--so how bad do you think I got ripped off! REAL BAD!

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    Jul 2008
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    Re: cash for gold

    Was $1000 enough to cover that 12 % difference or did you still feel ripped off ?
    Wow, that's a lot of necklaces you must have shipped then.
    What are necklace springs ( non - gold ) that you refer to ?
    They give 94% not 96% of "pure" gold that you stated ( I read this on their site ).
    I'm very surprised a company in business since 1939 would deliberately shaft you and as you said you did your homework which implies a check on complaints.
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    Aug 2007
    Northern Indiana
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    Re: cash for gold

    And now, they are doing home parties!!!!
    No kidding, just like Tupperware, Pampered Chef. A co-worker said she's going to one...I suggsted that she do her homework first, and weigh her gold and check the exchange rate!


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