Dutch Central Bank moves 122 tons of gold reserves from New York to Amsterdam.
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Thread: Dutch Central Bank moves 122 tons of gold reserves from New York to Amsterdam.

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    Sep 2013
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    Gold Bar Dutch Central Bank moves 122 tons of gold reserves from New York to Amsterdam.

    Associated Press.

    AMSTERDAM The Dutch Central Bank says it has recently shipped 122.5 tons of gold worth around 4 billion euros ($5 billion) from safekeeping in New York back to its headquarters in Amsterdam.

    In a statement Friday morning the bank said that its 612.5-ton national gold reserve is now divided 31 percent in Amsterdam, 31 percent in New York, 20 percent in Ottawa, Canada and 18 percent in London.

    "With this adjustment the Dutch Central Bank joins other banks that are keeping a larger share of their gold supply in their own country," the bank said in a statement. "In addition to a more balanced division of the gold reserves...this may also contribute to a positive confidence effect with the public."

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    Question: Why do countries keep some of their gold in other countries?

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    I'd answer that one, but I don't want to go back to banned camp. Suffice it to say, "they is polyticks involved" ... PM me if you want a more direct answer.
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    Perhaps it is because all of Europe was pillaged during WWII.
    145 metric tons of gold was removed from vaults of the Dutch Treasury by the Nazis during WWII.
    Only 70 tons were returned from the total of gold that was recovered by the Allies after the war.

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    -I wonder how long it took to actually get their gold back and wonder if each ingot had its own X-ray verification?

    With that amount of "Tonnage" of gold bullion removed from American storage, it makes me wonder how much actual gold bullion America has....??

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    "Glad gold is safe!"

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    Dec 2015
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    They said the mars probe may have found gold and will do some tests
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