Gold and Silver COT reports
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Thread: Gold and Silver COT reports

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    Gold and Silver COT reports

    Check out the latest Commitment of Traders (COT) Report. It shows the positions of three categories of traders in the Comex Gold and Silver markets: Commercials, Large Speculators, and Small Speculators. It is often said that the "smart money" is the Commercials and that they tend to be more correctly situated when trends begin or end, even though at times the market does move against their general "positions".

    Right now the Commercials are more heavily short (betting price drops) than any time I can remember since I have been watching the numbers over the past few years in silver and gold.

    Since it appears (hopefully) that WW3 will be avoided for now, I will bet silver and gold will drop for the short term. But probably not below the lows from the past year or two in silver.

    If the Iran situation turns bad again then both gold and silver should go up again. But the US dollar is holding up right now and not dropping. In times of world danger the US dollar goes up generally since it is still the most trusted currency in the world.

    I think if silver and gold ever go up in a sustained manner it will be based on a dollar/currency weakness reason. More QE and such would be beneficial for gold and silver. Lower interest rates are good for PMs as well.

    COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - January 6, 2020
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    Good info Thanks I'm hoping PMs go up down the road

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    Quote Originally Posted by A2coins View Post
    Good info Thanks I'm hoping PMs go up down the road
    Silver and gold will have their day at some point. Probably be like Bitcoin and everyone will be wanting to buy it too late of course. I think silver and gold will go up due to some US dollar calamity or issue. That seems to be a sure thing of happening someday but the issue is when?

    The fact that the overnight repo market is requiring billions to be injected should be a warning sign that something is happening now under the radar that later will show up as a big problem.

    Similar types of things that happened before 2008 were overlooked and after the fact seen to have been prognostications of future doom. I believe these repo market issues are just one of many to come.
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