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Thread: Diggin for the Yellow Stuff

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    Diggin' for the Yellow Stuff

    It's probably been three years since I last posted on the Forum. Health problems, including my most recent, heart valve replacement has kept me from doing much of anything except locally with the non-profit orgaization I do work for.

    It's been a little over four months since my heart surgery, and I have been feeling pretty good. So I thought I would spend about five days out at the clubs claim. First day was driving 150 miles to the claim, and setting up my camp site. I also dug three test holes, two of which looked good, but were dry. I got fooled, and didn't realize it was just weathered dry washing tailings. The third hole provided about 10 pieces of color in 2 1/2 gallons of sifted dirt. So I set up for the next day.

    But I didn't get a whole lot of sleep, and most was just broken sleep. Seems my old body needs more cushioning than a sleeping bag inside a tent. And I didn't realize, but I was still exhausted from the previous days journey, camp and diggings setup.

    After just 10 full buckets of siftings, I had to pack everything up at the dig site, and camp site, and come home. I guess I have not regained my strength from the heart surgery, and the three kidney surgeries.

    But I will not give up. I just like digging, and finding that yellow stuff, even if it actually costs more to travel, lodge and feed myself than I dig up gold. So, the next outing will be soon, with me staying at the local Motel 6, and going out for five or six hours each day, until I get my fill.

    I finally realize I need better creature comforts if I am going to stay out in the wilderness. I am too old to camp in a tent. I need a new more capable vehicle that can tow a trailer that I can stay in. Even at 70 years young, I figure I have another 10 years or so before I will have to retire from the hobby. I just wonder if I will ever get enough gold to fill a one ounce bottle. You see, the area was mined back in the 30's, and all the big gold has been found. But hose same miners did not get all the tiny stuff, stuff that sometimes needs a magnifying glass to actually see.

    I was disappointed with my findings until I emptied the bottom of my dry washer. I knew gold and other stuff makes its way to the bottom of the metal box, but I didn't realize more than half of the gold I found was down there. I'm now pretty happy, hoping I found a 1/10th of a gram, which is pretty good for digging out at the club claim.



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