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    Please help this rookie

    Hello, I have a Whites XLT that was origanally purchased in 95. First of all, is this ok for relic hunting? I am extremly new to the sport. I know many of you have been detecting for years and I could really use your help. My dream would be to find if even a few civil war especially or Rev. war relics but being near Tulsa County in Oklahoma I just don't see that coming about. Do any of you know of any areas within a weekend of driving distance that allow detecting and where I may can find a few items? bullets anything?
    I have also been reading on the boards about Google Earth. I checked my GPS for the stats of an abandonded home site across the street that I have been given permission to search. My home was originally built around the 20's I believe, with much added on since. I'm sure the abondened house is that old or more. Allot of debri from construction in my yard that I will need to cleen before searching and the other place has much junk around it but I'm sure has never been touched. I tried downloading Google Earth but my dialup times out so I will need to get it another way. Would someone help me with looking at the abondened homesite and give me an idea on how I sould go about searching it? the info. is N35 43.724' W96 04.142 Brg 187 Dis .34. When I can install Earth on my computer I will now how to go about getting a plan on a next place to hunt. Any input would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Please help this rookie

    nearly any working detector is worth using as a relic hunter....just dig every signal and you will have it..... can't get google earth to work then try this,, windows live/local i like it better than google e anyway, and there is no download to worry with.......... ...........

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    Re: Please help this rookie


    You might try contacting either of these clubs since you live in the Tulsa area.

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    Re: Please help this rookie

    Thanks for the help and advice!



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