finding a hunting spot
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    Aug 2012
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    finding a hunting spot

    I live in Nashville Tennessee and enjoy old coin hunting and modern to old jewelry detecting.I have a few problems I have been detecting for a little over a year and am having problems locating places to hunt. The second problem is that I am only 13 years old and nobody trusts me to detect their land. I have been trying to find parks where it is legal but al metro, city, state and national it seems to be illegal. I have also been looking for old schools where I could pick up some old coins and maybe a ring or two. But it seems all old schools have been turned into city parks. Any suggestions of old home sites, school yards or parks is appreciated.

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    Apr 2010
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    It doesn't really help you right now with crops in the field, but ask farmers if you can hunt their fields after harvest. Also, the woods they own. Be aware that after the harvest is usually hunting season so be sure to stay safe and wear hunter's blaze orange vest and hat. Do lots of research and look for places soldiers may have camped or skirmished. There's some out there on private land. Just be sure you know the property boundaries.
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    Based on what you've said about the public parks & schools in your area, you might want to try
    private homes close to where you live. . . especially those that were built before the early 1950's;
    They can be silver and wheat goldmines. If any of your friends at school live in older homes, you
    may have the perfect "in" to garner permission to hunt their property. Just be sure to wait
    until the ground is moist before cutting plugs in manicured lawns.

    The key to finding interesting relics & coins, is to hunt where people have BEEN. That said, it might
    not hurt to visit your library (Geneology section) and local historical society and look through some
    of the early maps in your area. You might be surprised to learn that an 1860's school site is now
    on private property owned by someone you or a friend might know.

    Good luck!

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    Oct 2011
    Nashville, TN
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    Buddy, I live in Nashville as well. I hunt all parks and schools around the city. No one will bother you. I know a few people around here that hunt Centennial Park almost every weekend. Just go hunt everything (within reason - don't hunt during school hours, etc.). Make sure you leave everything the way you left and be respectful or someone will complain. Go get 'er done!

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    Feb 2012
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    Yep, you can hunt the parks just cover your holes and don't use a back hole to dig.
    You will have some good hunts in the parks, Now the National park your right stay away.

    Good luck and go dig some good stuff!

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    Sep 2012
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    I just emailed an old church near me and also an old homesite that was recently acquired by a county lands trust. Using email they can't see your age, so don't tell them and make your email sound professional. I received an immediate yes on the church and haven't heard yet from the county, but it's only been a day.



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