Breaking news from Norway - 1000 years old viking sword found
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Thread: Breaking news from Norway - 1000 years old viking sword found

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    Aug 2017
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    Exclamation News; 1000 years old viking sword found in Norway

    These guys just picked up a viking sword lying there in the mountains, 1000 years old, without a metal detector.

    link: Breaking News: A Viking Sword Found at High Altitude - Secrets of the Ice
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    What an exciting find!

    I think most of us, at one time or another, and left a tool or object
    behind, and didn't realize it til we were too far away to go back
    and retrieve it.

    A sword was a prize possession of any individual back then, and for a
    Viking, it was their first line of defense. The fellow may have died at
    that spot, body destroyed over the ages and only the good steel of his
    sword remains.

    Good reason to keep the eyes open anytime were in remote areas!
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    Iíve seen pictures of rifles grown into the side of trees, I thought the same thing...



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