Nox 800 settings for Civil War relic hunting in an area with modern trash
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    Relic Hunting

    Nox 800 settings for Civil War relic hunting in an area with modern trash

    I am hunting civil war areas in metro Atlanta and from north Atlanta up to Chattanooga, TN along the I-75 route.

    Economic growth in Georgia since the Civil War has caused a lot of good Civil War hunting sites to be come polluted with other metal trash since 1864. I suspect this is true of PA and VA also.

    It seems that only Calabash Digger still can discover some virgin areas in his state to really pull out both revolutionary and Civil War relics. I am not being sarcastic here, he can really get some good permissions.

    So in my area I am digging a lot of trash. I mean 100 items of trash for one decent CW find or even hundreds of trash items and no CW finds. So the reality is that I am wasting a lot of time digging trash and thus need to start using discriminate notches or bins to zero in on my desired targets.

    I know my permissions have produced for others and myself Civil War relics. So I have multiple areas that I need to concentrate on. I have heard that using discrimination on any detector slightly reduces its ability to find deeper targets.

    I have heard that using the 800's bins and tone does not affect the detector's depth ability. Is this really a factor between the two choices? I don't know.

    I am interested in 3 ringers and Confederate or Union belt buckles. These are my real goals in metal detecting. Thus I have set up my bins for those two items.

    Yes, I know, I will may likely miss buttons and shell fragments but they still sound off at the remaining bins but at a lower tone and loudness.

    I use 5 tone bins.

    so one bin from 17-20 will make bullets ring out loud and clear and the other bin 32-38 to really sound off on silver coins and CW belt-buckles.

    The rest of the bins give me a lower tone and audio, but I can still hear what is under the coil through my headphones.

    This in addition to using the Equinox 800's 15 inch coil will allow me to cover more ground and hopefully be alerted to my bucket list targets.

    I of course use noise cancel, ground balance and sensitivity to quiet the 800. I have been taught and have learned you can really quiet the 800 down by lowering the sensitivity and still find deep good CW targets. It helps with keeping the 800 from reporting every small fragment of metal in the ground that greatly adds to the 800's noise factor.



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