New discovery in George Washington’s house
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Thread: New discovery in George Washington’s house

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    New discovery in George Washington’s house

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    Mar 2013
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    Way cool!
    Paper box with treasure inside, a thimble and a man's GOLD Ring...!
    Artifacts of Gen. Geo. Washington and/or Martha...??
    Why not...?
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    Wow.. what a neat discovery! Thanks for sharing the link!
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    He was only at that house for about a year, but it makes for an interesting story.
    A lot happened while he was there, from refusing an offer to be a king, to his creation of the "purple heart" medal, to the cessation of hostilities.
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    Great video buddy, thanks for sharing... "D"
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    I believe it was a year and 4 months, which surprisingly is the longest he has stayed at any headquarters during the entire revolution!
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    Cool post Truth
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    Too cool. Any updates? I couldn't find anything online.



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