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Thread: Value in Wisconsin

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    Value in Wisconsin

    Any gems worth finding in Wi. Just wonderin
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    Re: Value in Wisconsin

    Because WI has had so much glacier coverage during the ice ages, all kinds of stuff has been found here - diamonds, gold, etc. Problem is because so much was deposited by glaciers, there really aren't any "hot spots" to look. There also supposedly were / are some 'lost' silver deposits that were known to the local indian tribes a couple hundred years ago in the northwest part of the state


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    Re: Value in Wisconsin

    I've only been to Wisconsin a couple of times but here is what I know about the gems found there. I left out other minerals like gold, silver, platinum and copper. otherwise it would have been a very long list.

    PIERCE COUNTY: Small particles of topaz were reportedly found during placer mining operations for gold along Plum Creek within the confines of what is now Nugget Lake County Park. Diamonds, garnet and platinum were reportedly associated. (Colvin, 1977) .

    MARATHON COUNTY: A water-worn pebble of clear topaz reportedly found in a gravel bar along the Wisconsin River near Wausau was examined by the author. - Topaz has been found as tiny clear xls. up to 0.4mm in diameter and masses intergrown with albite in the McGuire Pit, part of the LaDick East quarry complex east of Wausau. Associated minerals include cassiterite, monazite and ferberite/hubnerite. (Buchholz et. al., 2004).

    CALUMET COUNTY: Pearls are found in clams in various streams and lakes in the county. (Eckert, 1980).

    CRAWFORD COUNTY: Pearls are found in clams from the Mississippi River in the Prairie du Chien area (Eckert, 1980).

    GRANT COUNTY: Pearls occur in clams in the Wisconsin River near Boscobel and in the Grant river and its tributaries near Potosi (Eckert, 1980).

    GREEN COUNTY: Pearls occur in clams in the Sugar River near Broadhead.(Eckert, 1980).

    LAFAYETTE COUNTY: Pearls occur in clams in the Apple River south of Dunbarton and in the Pecatonia River near Gratiot (Eckert, 1980).

    MANITOWOC COUNTY: Pearl-bearing clams occur in water bodies throughout the county. (Eckert, 1980).

    PEPIN COUNTY: Pearls occur in clams from the Mississippi River near Stockholm and elsewhere along the Mississippi River corridor in Pepin and adjacent Pierce and Buffalo Counties. Pearl jewelry is currently (1994) marketed by stores in Stockholm (W.S.C. notes).

    ROCK COUNTY: Pearls occur in clams in the Rock River. (Eckert, 1980).

    DANE COUNTY: A grayish green 3.34 (3.83?) carat diamond was found in the drift of the Johnstown moraine 2.5 miles southwest of Oregon on the Charles Devine farm in 1893. It is described as "a rhombic dodecahedron, deeply pitted with circular elongated reniform markings" (Kunz, 1894, Hobbs, 1894, 1901; Cannon and Mudrey, 1981).

    LANGLADE COUNTY: Panning in 1987 turned up several tiny diamonds in stream sediments near Antigo. One such examined by the author was a clear sharp octahedron approximately 1 mm in diameter.

    KENOSHA COUNTY: A subsurface diamond-bearing lamprophyre diatreme has been discovered in Kenosha. The body has an area of about 50 acres. Drill core samples have small but "sharp-edged octahedra or macles, some showing intricate growth patterns and trigons". Associated minerals include pyrope (both low Cr and high Cr), Cr-diopside, picroilmentite, Cr-spinel, serpentine, calcite and micas. Traces of millerite, clestine, barite and apatite are also reported. (Carlson and Adams, 1997).

    OZAUKEE COUNTY: A white 6.57 carat diamond was found in 1881 near the Milwaukee River, about 4 km. north of Saukville. The diamond is described as rounded, almost spherical with dodecahedral faces (Olson, 1958; Vierthaler, 1958; Cannon and Mudrey, 1981).

    MANITOWOC COUNTY: Several uncut diamonds were found in 1913 in the cabin of a desceased hermit near the town of Collins. Cannon and Mufrey (1981) suggest that the diamonds were found in local gravels.

    PIERCE COUNTY: At least 10 small yellowish diamonds were found from1890 to 1892 during gold placering operations in near the junction of Plum Creek and Rock Elm Creek near Rock Elm. A second find in 1906 has been alleged to be bogus (Cannon and Mudrey, 1981; Cordua, 1987).

    RACINE COUNTY: In 1903, an irregular rounded 2.11 carat diamond was found in Burlington (Hobbs, 1901; Cannon and Mudrey, 1981). Previously a 2.06 carat white twin was reported found there in 1897 (Eckert, 1980).

    WASHINGTON COUNTY: The Theresa diamond, weighing 21.5 carats, was found in 1888 on or near the Green Lake Moraine near Kohlsville. The diamond was half cream yellow and half colorless. It has since been cut into 10 separate stones by the owner (Cannon and Mudrey, 1981).

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    Apr 2005
    Lots of good info about wisconsin. check the Gold Prospecting in Wisconsin website
    Gold Prospecting Auctions:


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    I've heard tell of lots of agates from that way coming from old glacial deposits. You might do well to check your states mining or geological department for details on minerals in your region.
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