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Thread: Wheres The Gold?- Part 1

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    Where's The Gold?- Part 1

    OK, you just got your hands on some old computers and are wondering where the money is inside that thing. Or maybe it was some old routers, or cell phones, or PDAs or some other gadget cramed full of electronics. Well, believe it or not, there is quite a bit of money hidden inside, right before your eyes, all you need to do is know what your looking at/for and just where its hidden.

    One other quick point Many of these electronical components have mone than one style/design and, depending on what its intended purpose is it may (or may not) contain any precious metals. For example, some Ziner Diodes will have gold inside, some will not, just depends on their intended use. Photodiodes are another example, some will have gold inside, others might have silver, and others might have both gold and silver, again, it just depends.

    Lets start with Diodes, Rectifiers, SCRs, TRIACs. Basically they are all diodes, just a little different.

    **Light Emitting Diode (LED) Gold! Yep, they all have a gold bonding wire (found on PCBs everywhere)

    **Gunn Diode Struck Gold again! (microwave power, for airborne collision avoidance radar,anti-lock brakes, sensors for monitoring the flow of traffic)

    **Photodiode More Gold and some Silver too! (Disc players, smoke detectors, receivers for infrared remote control devices, used for light measurement, in camera light meters, switching on street lighting after dark)

    **Laser Diode Hope you like Gold!(CD/DVD/Blue-ray RW players, fiber optic communications, barcode readers, laser pointers, laser printing, laser scanning, directional lighting sources, laser surgery)

    **Zener Diode Gold. (Widely used as voltage regulators and as shunt regulators to regulate the voltage across small circuits)

    **Gold (or Platinum) Doped Diodes Bet you already know, Gold or Platinum (N2 and N3 Bell Lab Carrier Systems)

    **Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) Molybdenum. (SCRs are widely used throughout the industry and found on PCBs for every type of product)

    **Triode for Alternating Current (TRIAC) Gallium, Indium (power control circuits to give full wave control. Also used for light-dimming circuits, phase-control circuits, AC power-switching circuits, AC motor control circuits)

    **Bridge Rectifier Germanium, Selenium (Primary application of bridge rectifiers is to transform an AC supply into DC power)

    OK, these are just a few of the treasures waiting for you to snatch them up. If you are interested you will have do do a little leg work yourself and become familiar with what they look like and which ones are worth keeping and which are not.

    By the way, the information above was taken for my new release, "E-Scrap Parts Manual". It's just a very small example of what's in the manual, even better, the Manual has pictures! If you would like a copy message me and I'll send you the free download link
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    Very informative information you have shared. Thank you

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    Informative, but I won't be quitting my day job.
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