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Thread: Garrett Customer Service

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    Jul 2015
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    Reviving an aging thread...
    My AT-G died last week, 4 months old. Shipped to Texas, repaired and in my hands 8 days later. This is my only experience with their service. They made it as painless as possible. Just wish I knew what they replaced. The slip indicates a part number. I can't locate a parts sheet for the AT line.

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    Oct 2016
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    I am having trouble getting Garrett to answer emails. I recently sent them my 30 day old At Pro detector. Below I have posted two youtube links showing my problems. Adam Lewis with Garrett answered my phone call only after no one ever answered emails I sent to their email address. I sent Adam the two links and he tried to say that I had no problems that I was not using it correctly. After a lengthy discussion he finally agreed and issued an RMA so they could check out what I was showing on the videos (Pinpoint not working and going crazy at start up). They got it on 12/1 and had it on its way back the next day. I have sent Adam several emails asking him what they found but he is not answering. I just want to make sure they are returning with no problem found. If this is the case I have just spent $600 for a paper weight!

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    Don't email, call them. You have any idea how many emails they get regarding repairs and functions of detectors, their repair center is like the other manufacturer's repair center, understaffed and over worked.

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    Oct 2016
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treasure_Hunter View Post
    Don't email, call them. You have any idea how many emails they get regarding repairs and functions of detectors, their repair center is like the other manufacturer's repair center, understaffed and over worked.

    November 9, 2016 A New Future
    I agree about calling. That is why I called tech support and got Adam at first and he gave me his email address so I could send him the two videos I created showing him my problems. He answered his email before I sent in my unit but now he won't respond.

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    Oct 2016
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    I originally started another thread about Kellycodetectors being a joke. I got my detector back and was going to post what was done but for some reason that thread was closed. Since I also posted about Garrett here I will post the results. I had the double beep issue and the pinpointing issue. My detector is only a month old and I sent it back to Garrett. The replaced the main electronics board and said they found a bulkhead connector was bent. They repaired this and sent it back in one day. I got it today and set up the same test that I had shown in the youtube links. Everything seems to be working fine now. I told Garrett that they found something was good news, bad news. Bad news is this unit was indeed defective but the good news was that I actually did have a problem and was not imagining it.
    I live in southern ohio and I think I will give this unit to my wife to use and also take it along when she stays home. If I ask a property owner to search his land I will offer him this detector to use along with me. I think in the spring I might purchase a Fisher 75 SE/LTD or a XP DEUS.

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    Jan 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by 8mygritz View Post
    glad to hear u've had such a wonderful experience w/them.i just returned my pointer for the 5th time(yesterday)in 3 yrs.it's cost me approx $40 to do that.they've sent me back so called repaired or new 1's,all w/the same result.this last replacement lasted all of 6 wks.,the least about amount of time of all the rest.my friend has sent his back twice in less than a yr.!3 parts on my 350-including the coil-broke within the 1st yr..the are nice folks to talk to on the phone,but there are problems w/quality control & organization.they lost 2 of my packages & couldn't find the package,it turned out that they generated shipping labels,but never got to the shipper.it doesn't seem they keep a record on comp.,everytime i called they always asked me who i had talked to the last time.if i didn't remember that,then they couldn't find the item.i would not buy another product from them!see my past posts.
    Having worked in the service industry for 40+yrs If you call in with an attitude or nasty tone you will get crappy service. A friendly voice goes a long way. I've had a GTA1000 for 30yrs and a Seahunter II any time I have called with a cracked Battery holder or needing a new o-ring or shaft bolts they sent me two sets or extras. Being nice on the phone always pays in the long run. In my old job a computer keyboard was $10 and if it was caused by customer spilled something in it it voided the warranty. The cost was then $350 per hour min 3hrs. If customer was nice I would write it off as defective no charge, If they were nasty they got billed.
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