Is it worth the effort
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    Is it worth the effort

    Two years ago we found a wreck with 140 ton coal aboard. Considering the todays energy prices we wondered if it would be worth the trouble to attempt salvage. Until now have we only recovered smaller items and never been involved in a salvage operation of this scale.

    The wreck lies at 20m (top) and is 20 miles from an unloading dock. My question is: is it worth the effort?

    If yes: What are needed for a successfull salvage?



    BTW: assume that we have the rights to the wreck and its cargo

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    Re: Is it worth the effort

    What effects does Salt Water have on the coal and will it dry and burn properly? If its OK, all you would need is a dredge to scoop it up and dump it in a barge.

    Don't know what it would cost vs. what it is worth!

    Robert in SC

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    Re: Is it worth the effort

    It would not be a financially sound investment. Coal is not worth that much, considering the amount of $ you would spend on the fuel to get out there and dredge it up, then the amount of time spent to sell it. Plus, and this is a big plus, I'm not sure what water does to coal after long exposure, but if its salt water, I'm sure it can't be good.

    Btw the way, the most I could find coal selling for (this was listed under Anthracite so I assume thats a chemical substance of the cleaner burning coal) is 45.66 a short ton.

    The US average for coal is about $26.71 per short ton. That would make your gross $3739.40.

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    Re: Is it worth the effort

    Thanks for the answers.
    I think i will salvage 10kg next time im in the area. Then i will try to use it in the grill. In factmaybe i should bring my harpoon so i also can bring home some fish and maybe a lobster or two. Then all i need to do is to invite some friends and have a divers BBQ.


    BTW: Does anybody know of any wreck containing beers? It would complete the BBQ



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