Gdaddyflex , a question about an MD.
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    Gdaddyflex , a question about an MD.

    Last year you posted that you were using Headhunter metal detector, I used the diver one only complaint was the headset and the compartments kept popping open and flooding, when she worked she worked wonders, how is your unit? Any more Escudos with it? Have you tried the newer model, I want to get the New Diver version but thought I would ask you how yours was doing? CHeers 99*

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    Re: Gdaddyflex , a question about an MD.

    99*, before I even got my Headhunter underwater, I set the headset down too hard once and the earcup popped right open! It didn't give me much confidence. However, I chanced it and have used it underwater about a dozen times with no problem. It is a very deep seeking detector with the 11" coil and is especially sensitive on gold, due to the pulse delay setting that DetectorPro uses.

    My Aquapulse is still my first choice as it is built quite rugged. I had Bill at EO Industries tweak the pulse delay setting lower than what the factory sets the minimum at, (20uS vs. 40uS) again, so it would be more sensitive to gold.

    If the battery gets low while I am out on the water, I switch to the HH as backup.

    Regards, Tom

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    Re: Gdaddyflex , a question about an MD.

    Good unit just floods, i treat it like precious...Ill stick to the infinium I bought a week after, thanks for the note. 99*



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