Index and Analysis of Archaeological Site Occurence on the Atlantic ...
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Thread: Index and Analysis of Archaeological Site Occurence on the Atlantic ...

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    Index and Analysis of Archaeological Site Occurence on the Atlantic ...

    This is a 319 page OCS report with some very interesting information, including a nice Bibliography of sources

    Some interesting tidbits from the compiled data:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	shipwrecks from all database locations.png 
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Name:	shipwreck density maps.png 
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Name:	shipwreck distribution.png 
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ID:	872269click the images until you can see them !!!
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    Nice read JM, there is tons of data on Native American tribes in there that I found almost as interesting as the shipwreck stuff. Thanks for the link, I've got some new creeks to checkout now. :-)
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    Yes, thanks for the link! I saved the report and started looking it over with special interest in my area along the east coast of Florida. I found the sea level elevation chart particularly interesting in view of the artifacts I know to have been recovered offshore by the 1715 fleet excavations over the years, including my own. Many fossil horse teeth, pig teeth, mastodon teeth, ect., along with scutes, flake tools, stone scrapers and a bronze nose ornament. These things are easily recovered by divers working excavations along Florida's east coast. Presumably the deeper the recovery, the older the items. Tempered pottery still washes out of the dunes occasionally at Ambersands. According to Higgs, you could walk in the lagoon behind McClarty museum and find Indian pottery shards with great regularity near the shoreline. Divers working offshore, having their faces very close to the bottom during periods of decent visibility could hardly miss the items.
    There was a location cited in this report per the Douglass Beach excavation (Nieves wreck). A report was prepared by Larry Murphy in 1990: "8SL17:Natural Site-formation Processes Of A Multiple-component Site In Florida" detailing the Indian artifacts recovered during excavations by Fisher, et al. If Murphy's theory is correct, then some of the artifacts I have recovered are about 8,000 years old. Of course, there was a remark eluding to Wilbur Cockrell's attempt to have the treasure hunt squashed because the paleo artifacts were being found there, ergo the presumption of a settlement. That kind of material is found everywhere along the coast. The Indians have been here for thousands of years and they camped along the sea shore (and just about everywhere else for that matter). Get down on your hands and knees after a good washout on the beach and you are bound to find these kinds of things.
    If you look in the reference citation table, you find the Florida DHR Shipwreck site file with 6 references. That seems a little odd.
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