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    Sep 2005
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    Olivier Levasseur

    Does anyone know the current update situation on Levasseur's treasure quest in the Seychelles Islands?

    Bob Graf and Wilkins Jr. are switching permits for several years. I guess it's Wilkins' turn now. Graf said a couple of years ago that he was sure he had found the location but was having trouble to get in an underwater path. I guess he did not find it afterall?

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    Feb 2007

    Re: Olivier Levasseur

    1920 a woman, on the isle of mahe in the indian ocean, found a rock with markings on it. she found two chests with two dead pirates. There was also a map from 1729 and she found out that the northern parts of Mahe belongd to "la Buze". (Oliver La Bouche) or Levasseur. She got a copy of olivers code and began braking it. She tould her friend, Reginald Herbert Cruise-Wilkins, in 1949. and he continud the hunt. He spent 29 years looking for it. step by step he broke the code. in a cave he found a pirate sarcophagus. He knew he was close. He died before he broke the last code in 1977. and it has been thought that how to break the code died with him. oliver le vasseurs ,"la Buze", treasure is worth 100.000.000 pounds. Is Wilkins Jr. the son of Reginald? Does he have the code?
    Very interesting but, I have not heard of any recent reports of people looking for or finding this supposed treasure. The biography's that I have read, some suspect he buried treasure on The Seychelles Islands. Some say he spent it all.

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    Jun 2007
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    Re: Olivier Levasseur

    Hi.Im interrested in story about Le Vasseur almost all my life.It started when i was mayby 8 years old.At this time i have read articel about Cruise Wilkins ,his long tome search for treasure.At this time i had seen famous "kryptogam of Levasseur".Then i had interruption for 20 years.After it i started my carrer as a amateur treasure hunter,on theoretical base,because i have not enought money for practical hunt.Im daily in search for various documents about treasures around the world,but mainly in Indian ocean.
    My knowledges are folloving:
    Till today nobody found "Levaseur s treasure.
    Famous cryptogram is not from Le Vasseur,but this is cryptogram from:Bernardin Nageon D Estang.
    I have proof for this.He leaved behind ,some letters ,kryptograms and last will.One of them is this cryptogram.
    In this letters he wrote about 8 of Treasuries buried on islands in Indian ocean.Only on Mauritius are approx.4 treasuries.One of them was recovered apptoximatelly 3 years ago,on cemetery on Mauritius.I have foud on internet an artikel about it,by german Tv.I have lost it.Its pity.Up to this letters i have determinated position one of treasures.Another one i knew ,i was sure it was buried on cemetery,but i didnt knew where.I believed is on St.Mary island,and in real it was on Mauritius.Till today i havent enought to travel there a make sure i heve true or not.
    Up to my,documents from Le Vasseur are lost.I will travel to Paris for search in Biblioteq national or archives,this,or next year,for search for this documents,but im sceptical.
    At my free time im learning and searching for informations about any treasurie of pirates and corsairs.Im colecting info about Cocos island s treasures,and other.At last time i have extendet my search for rich ships of indian ocean

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    Feb 2005
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    Re: Olivier Levasseur

    Save your energy Conqistador {sic},
    Cocos Island off Costa Rica has been declared a National Monument by U.N.E.S.C.O. No one is allowed on the land without a special permit. Forget about Levasseur's treasure. Since the archaeologists found about it, all of the Mauritius Islands are a Marine Sanctuary and only James Delgado is allowed to search for treasure there.

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    Jan 2013
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