help with identification of cannon
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Thread: help with identification of cannon

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    Jul 2019
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    help with identification of cannon

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    I am looking for some history on this cannon. I am in the process of building a new Carriage for it for a client of mine. My research online has got me nowhere. I think its cool and an interested on its history. Right now it's in my shop and I don't have access to it at the moment. It is appox. 4' long and has a bore of 4.5 to 5" dia. What I have figured out is it a 12lb or 18lb cannon depending of what size the bore is. I take it as being British gun by the crown on it But would like to know the age, and if it was field or ship originally and anything you folks can come up with. Maybe even on what it may worth. Thanks frank
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    British cannon with the royal mark... AKA "royal cypher".
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    I could be wrong, but, it looks like a 1976 vintage British "galloper gun". These were made for use by reenactors during the Bicentennial. These were fairly light weight guns that were easily moved, some of the lightest artillery during the Revolution. It would be a 3 or 6 pounder. The French used 4 pounders, but this is not a French type item.

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    It is a modern reproduction, it is not an antique cannon.
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    Jul 2019
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    Thank you for your help, this was beyond my knowledge base.

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    Yep- modern.



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