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Thread: Who Owns Legal Salvage Rights for Shipwreck?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyemustdigtreasure View Post
    I know more than many treasure hunters, who do NOT sell their Finds,
    but some of the history is lost, when each little bit is taken, never recorded
    for the archaeologists AND the public to understand and enjoy seeing...,
    which is the dilemma that we can all recognize....
    This cuts both ways. If there was no threat of a treasure hunter/finder losing their finds to government or the Academy, they would be more likely to report their finds and allow them to be recorded. As regards to the public understanding and enjoying and viewing these finds, the same thing applies. Many, if not most treasure hunters/finders would jump at the chance to display their finds in museums and exhibits if they were assured they wouldn't be confiscated and/or if they received compensation for allowing them to be displayed. No one would be enjoying the Elgin Marbles these days if they had been left in Greece, rather than snatched and taken to England. Look at the condition of ancient statues, artifacts and other historical items that never left Greece, and then look at the condition of the similar items that were taken out of their primary locations and put in the museums of countries that had the resources to preserve them.
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    So much real treasure is lost.

    Even when in government hands, those hands are slippery and the gold and silver disappear all the same. Then, instead of being on the legitimate market, it is on the criminal market.


    It goes without saying that if it were left on the sea floor, it would also be gone.
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    well.. if you're a patriot, you should follow the US Navy's actions..

    Quote Originally Posted by AARC View Post
    Margaret Rule was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
    The National Maritime Museum awarded her its Caird Medal.
    The University of Portsmouth named a new 342 bed student accommodation block Margaret Rule Hall after her.
    And she was awarded the Colin Mcleod Award for "Furthering international co-operation in diving" by the British Sub Aqua Club.

    Anyone here in this thread "measure up" to this ? ? ?

    IF you do... then you can cast stones... until then... leave her alone.
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    If you were a patriot shouldn't you be living back in Portugal subject to their rules and regulations?
    Let me guess, is it Socialism over there?

    Nice you get to come to the USA and get to keep some of your finds.
    You said a true archaeologist never sells any of his finds.
    How about people who secretly buy artifacts than claim to have found them?
    Is that OK or is that hypocrisy ( a word many socialists don't understand)
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    Under International, every ship of War / commissioned ship, is never seen as being abandoned it still remains in commission / under ownership of whatever Ministry of Defence / Navy that commissioned the ship. You can salvage and sell artefacts from them under contract, HMS Edinburgh is a case that comes to mind.
    I believe none of the artefacts from the USS Yorktown were sold, Sotheby's returned the objects. Again, I am not sure if Margaret Rue helped the US Navy retrieve their property or not.
    As long as you act within the law, there nothing wrong with salvaging a ship treasure hunting or archaeology.
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