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Thread: keene mat material

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    May 2010
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    Re: keene mat material

    Quote Originally Posted by Hefty1
    Hi Eagle
    They dont "Borrow" They take as they did with my fathers Dam Blue Bowl and made 1 small change.

    Yep, that's what they did with my "No Pain-Crevasse Buster". And, my "Fail Safe Suit Warmer".

    It's kind of weird because I knew their father personally, and he was one of the most honest men I've ever met. Too bad he lost his life in that crash, maybe he wasn't around enough to teach his welps what the meaning of honor is.

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    Mar 2003
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    Re: keene mat material

    100xxx BETTER AT LESS THAN A BUCK A SQUARE FOOT is called Veranda outdoor carpet by Shaw #H54163 and used by professionals for over 25 years. Slickplate bs debunked 100% along with that lousy ungodly expensive miners moss bs by The Alaska Gold new engineers. Internet old wives tales are not fact based. There is absolutely nothing that even comes close--anything backed??throw the junk out with all the gold ya lost -John

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    May 2005
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    Re: keene mat material

    HUMMMMMM?? that sounds familiar John!

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    When you get Tired of the every day grind you turn to a place an time to slow down. Gold prospecting a way of life...

    Oct 2010
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    Re: keene mat material

    Love the color lots and lots of it I am working on 2 ounces a month so I can quit my current job...

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    Oct 2012
    This is an old thread but I have experience with miracle mat. The daily dredge clean ups took minutes using it.
    I ran into a guy from Massachusetts they call the human excavator. He can dig a hole in a creek in no time that looks like a dredge hole. He processes all of his material through a keene A52 sluice with the metal riffles removed and miracle mat glued down. There is a 1/4" punch plate that covers the whole sluice including the flare. He shovels over it and most of the gold gets caught in the first few riffles.
    I used this for 3 seperate weekends and you can run a whole hard days dredge clean out in minutes and get anywhere from a half to a full cup of cons.
    2 different times we placed a tub to catch the tailings and we never even seen a spec in the tailings. This setup is amazing and worth every penny! I used vortex matt in my smaller 3" dredge and in my Jack Swick's river rocker box. The gold cube uses vortex. I have to say the miracle mat seems to perform much better when used correctly. A great friend of mine sells vortex so that is hard for me to say.

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    Oct 2012
    I don't know you Hoser John but I like your passion.
    If you live in the North East, North Carolina, Idaho or Montana I would like to arrange a friendly trip where you put your money where your mouth is
    I can tell you that whatever you use won't perform 100% better than an A 52 with keene miracle mat and the punch plate and I 100% guarantee that!
    Here would be the bet. If I can process a whole 5 gallon bucket of unclassified material in less than 3 minutes through my sluice without a spec of gold in a tailings catch tub and I will let you classify your material and take as long as you want and it will take you longer. And you prove your system just worked 100% better you can have my 4" dredge!

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    May 2005
    St. Louis, missouri
    3634 times
    there is another sluice that is setup that way. its called the "River Runner 2" made in Omaha Nebraska.goggle it for his videos.

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    Oct 2012
    Oh nice. My friends Dave Maxfield and Nathan Thomas use the setup. They are both brand new but very impressive prospectors. Some of their mentors are Jack Duggins and Roy Bourne.
    I am new at sluicing but I had been mentored by Ken Dursteler at dredging.
    I have been crevicing since 2004. I started learning in Arizona in the bradshaws but have done it in 3 countries.
    My first dredge was a 3" goldvac dredge made in Omaha.
    Nice people in Omaha.

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    Oct 2012
    Very close to the River Run. The guys brought the punch plate all the way to the end of the flare. And the punch plate goes all thd way to the end of the sluice. You can definately get a good look at the larger material as it goes slowly down. A nugget would sit on the punch plate like a weight. Also as you shovel over the flare it gives the fines the chance to work its way over the slick plate onto the miracle mat instead of this sluice where the fines start over the riffles. That why you can see lines of gold on the first 2 riffles. New Hampshire and Maine has tons of garnet sand ( ruby sand) . The miracle mat sluffs the lights and you then see the riffles turn red with the garnet san. A hard days dredging will leave you with a half cup to a cup of cons.

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    Aug 2012
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    I am a newbie, still trying to find the perfect gear. I was going to buy a Keene or Yellow Jacket sluice with the metal riffles and miners moss or I/O carpet and a friend recommended the Miracle Matt, self cleaning and won't lose the very fine gold we have here in New England. I have used the 6 inch sluice once on the river and several times in the backyard, both with pay to play paydirt and dirt I brought back from New Hampshire and some dirt that I salted myself. It caught fines that were so small I couldn't see them without a 10x magnifier.
    I am still experimenting with it for the proper angle and flow in the backyard and am I getting enough water through it etc.

    That being said I am still torn both ways as to whether to get a 10 inch "traditional" sluice with metal riffles and moss/carpet or a 10" with the miracle mat.
    At least I have all winter now to agonize over it!

    I wonder what the effect would be if one where to cut the first two riffles off a Keene A52 and remove the rubber mat and install miracle mat from where the current mat is to the 3rd riffle and then have the rest of the riffles and the moss/carpet the rest of the way down the sluice?

    What are peoples opinions?

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    May 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by strickman View Post
    isn't he talking about plain old ribbed carpet ? if so you can get it at any prospecting supplier , or even cheaper at home depot ......that is what i use on my dredge ,and have the same on several sluices . works fine and is cheap....... good ole blue !

    I am also want to talk about ribbed carpet..Can anyone suggest me the best place to get it in Sydney?

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    Feb 2013
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    That Keene mat sounds exorbitant. Go to Gold Hog - Gold Prospecting Equipment - Sluice Mat run a 6" stretch of UR mat followed by 3 six inch stretches of razorback and two more 6 inch lengths of the UR mat. It will cost almost $90 for the two pieces of mat as they are 6 inches long and 36 inches wide but they are well worth it. Throw away all of your Keene's guts (riffles and mat) and you will be set perfectly for stream sluicing. For any of you that have seen my sluice/highbanker build I cannot run the gold hog for initial recovery because I process way too much material and my "BRANSON" riffles don't miss a flake. However we wind up with way too much material for the cons so we flatten out the highbanker slow the water WAY down (like you would find in a stream) and re-run the cons across the Gold Hog Matting and all we are left with is about an 1/8th of a pan of sand and real small gravel and it doesn't miss a flake either when it is run properly. (verified by running a Le'Trap after the main sluice to see if anything was blowing by)

    I know this sounds like an Advertizement but It is no joke when it comes to recovery. Keene is selling stuff that only works "Pretty good".

    Happy Prospecting


    (EDIT): Remember to follow Doc's instructions EXACTLY for gluing the mat pieces together and enjoy your gold.
    Last edited by Doitlaynstyle; May 24, 2013 at 10:13 AM. Reason: typos, note at the bottom
    I build my own Cuz yours isn't good enough

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    Sep 2012
    Southern California
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    I have had the Keene A52 for years, works great. Many options to go with have fun!

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    Jul 2010
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    One of my friends has a keene 4" dredge and after about 3 months of not so hard use the tips were breaking off the miracle mat. Maybe a bad batch, but it makes me leary.

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    Sep 2012
    Southern California
    Gold bug
    123 times
    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Watson View Post
    One of my friends has a keene 4" dredge and after about 3 months of not so hard use the tips were breaking off the miracle mat. Maybe a bad batch, but it makes me leary.
    Call Keene and get it replaced. Pat backs up his products.


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