How do i cut the le trap sluice top to turn it into a river robber??>?
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Thread: How do i cut the le trap sluice top to turn it into a river robber??>?

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    Aug 2012

    How do i cut the le trap sluice top to turn it into a river robber??>?

    what do i use to cut itthanks so much

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    May 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by robbenmessi1010 View Post
    what do i use to cut itthanks so much
    It's plastic, so it's more a question of what do you have to cut with?

    Xacto/box/utility knife. Pressing firmly, repetitive cuts. Do not try to cut through in one pass. Wood support underneath so you're only applying force to the section you're cutting.

    Hack saw. Fine tooth blade

    Coping saw. Fine tooth.

    Jeweler's saw

    Dremel. Fine saw (Gyro's makes a nice set). Cutoff blade, cutting/shaping wheel, Rip & cuttoff blade mounted backwards. I would avoid the other bits. Not that they wouldn't work, but because it's harder to control and keep to the line.

    Multifunction tool. Fine toothed blade or the sharp scraper.

    Electric carving knife. Don't tell the wife.

    Bandsaw. Fine tooth.

    Tablesaw. Fine plywood steel blade mounted backwards. This one I would build a jig to keep the saw from catching or pulling the sluice. Actually, I'd use any of the other tools for more control.

    Hot wire cutter.

    Whatever you end up using, make sure you have a solid work support so you're not applying force to the sluice. IE don't have the sluice upside down and push down hard in the middle.

    Layout the cut line with tape - Measure twice, cut once. Leave some tabs or space to attach a flair.

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    May 2005
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    good advice!

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    Nov 2009
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    LeTrap is a good choice. Bit of a learning curve to get them dialed in though. Most people probably use them as secondary concentrators, but they still work well for sluicing. I use mine as both. I'd even say I swear by it, and at it, on occasion.

    Try to leave the top intact all the way across for added support when cutting out the front. You will likely need to span the sluice midway or so with a board or a couple sticks and a rock to keep your river robber from becoming a river bobber!

    Also classification is extra important with these due to no carpet/moss/matt. Notice how I left the top intact.

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